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California Woman Rescues Abandoned Puppy, Gives Her New Life and Loving Family



Quick Smiles:

  • Suzette Hall and her team at Logan’s Legacy rescue animals and help them find loving homes.
  • A tiny dachshund mix, named Cici, was found abandoned and tied to a fire hydrant, but was rescued and nursed back to health by Suzette’s team.
  • Cici has made a full recovery and is now cleared for foster care, and Suzette’s team is working to find her a perfect forever home.

Animal rescue is a tough job. It’s not just about cuddling with cute animals all day. You see, shelter workers witness the worst of humanity, from abuse to neglect and abandonment.

But despite the hardships, there are still people like Suzette Hall of Irvine, California, who spread love and joy to animals in need.

Suzette has a heart of gold, and when she lost her own beloved dog, she decided to start Logan’s Legacy to help other pets in need.

Recently, she received a call about a small dog that had been abandoned on a street known as a “dumping ground” for unwanted animals.

It wasn’t the first time Suzette had been called to this street, so she immediately called her friend Rosario Ortiz, who lived nearby, to go and help.


When Rosario arrived, she found a tiny dachshund mix curled up next to a fire hydrant, looking scared and alone. Her leash was tied tightly to the hydrant, and she hadn’t touched the food and water left nearby.

Rosario quickly scooped up the pup, wrapped her in a blanket, and rushed her to Suzette’s veterinarian.

Despite being severely dehydrated and exhausted, the puppy, now named Cici, proved to be a fighter. With the help of some fluids and tender love and care, she made a remarkable recovery.

And as soon as she perked up, her adorable and sweet personality shone through!


Suzette shared an update on her Facebook page:

“She is feeling so much better. She has been observed at my vet, and she is doing great. Just a puppy, 8 months. She was throwing up from fear and not eating we believe. But this sweet baby girl will never feel fear again, And won’t ever be abandoned tied to a fire hydrant EVER again.”

Thanks to the care and dedication of Suzette, Rosario, and the veterinarians, Cici is now cleared for foster care and will soon find her forever home.

Suzette and her fellow rescuers vow to find her the perfect family to shower her with all the love and attention she deserves.

Let’s give a big round of applause to Suzette, Rosario, and all the animal rescuers out there who work tirelessly to give animals like Cici a second chance at life!

Source: Inspire More