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Canadian Canine Mom’s Genius Cold-Weather Hack Goes Viral



Quick Smiles:

  • A crafty Canadian dog mom has found a unique way to keep her pups warm in freezing weather.
  • The owner wraps her dogs in jackets and socks, making them look like adorable “burritos.”
  • The video of the bundled-up pups has gone viral, with over 148,000 views and 19,300 likes on Instagram.

Living in one of the coldest spots on our beautiful blue planet can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re a short-haired dog owner. But a clever Canadian canine mom has found the perfect solution to keep her fur babies cozy and ready for their daily walks, even when the weather is less than welcoming.

The internet was treated to a delightful video clip shared on TikTok by the woman’s daughter, who goes by the username kaitspov. In the video, two pups are seen eagerly waiting by the door, all bundled up in jackets and socks, ready to brave the harsh Canadian winter.

The video, which is sure to bring a chuckle, came with a caption that read, “When it’s -42 in Canada so your mom creates leg warmers for your dogs and then sends you a video of them wrapped up like burritos so they can just take a short walk outside.”

The caption continued, “Honestly mom is a genius for this.”

Not all dogs are built for the cold, and unless you’re the proud owner of a Siberian Husky, you might want to keep your four-legged friends warm and snug indoors during the frosty months. But that doesn’t mean they should miss out on their daily walks!


According to the Avenues Vet Centre, a UK-based veterinary clinic, it’s perfectly okay to walk your dog in the cold, provided you bundle them up warmly before stepping out. Their top suggestion? Invest in dog jackets and socks, or boots, to form a protective barrier against the freezing temperatures. They also recommend limiting walks to 15-20 minutes to minimize exposure to the cold.

The video of the bundled-up pups quickly spread like wildfire on social media, racking up views from Instagram users worldwide. So far, it’s garnered over 148,000 views and 19,300 likes.

Instagram user Sukuna’s Object commented, “This is how my Chihuahua mix expects me to dress him in 1C weather.” Another user, bearsm0m, chimed in with, “If we’re cold, they’re cold. Bless your mom for taking care of these fur babies.” Jennifer Rae added her two cents, saying, “The most Canadian dog mom thing I’ve ever seen. I love it.”