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Caring Nurse Takes Care Of Blind Veteran’s Guide Dog When The Lockdowns Started



  • Blind veteran, Joe Tasby, was confined to a hospital because of a medical issue and his guide dog went with him.
  • His daughter visits the hospital regularly to take care of the dog but that stopped when the lockdowns started.
  • Fortunately, a caring nurse took the responsibility of looking after Cupid.

Nurses devote their lives in their mission to take care of people. But there are those who go above and beyond their call of duty and take care of not only humans but their beloved animals too. Blind Vietnam veteran Joe Tasby can attest to that.

Joe lives with his faithful yellow lab guide dog, Cupid, and he never leaves the house without him. Early in March, he had to be admitted to the Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas because of a medical issue and naturally, Cupid tagged along and stayed at his side.

His daughter Tiffani always went to the hospital to feed and take Cupid for a walk since Joe needed to rest. But then the novel coronavirus prompted lockdowns and Tiffani wasn’t allowed to visit the hospital anymore. 

That left Joe worried who would take care of Cupid. Luckily, a nurse named Barbara Borbeck stepped in to help without being asked and started taking care of the pup.

Photo Credit: CBS News (Youtube)

“She came in first thing every morning and took him for a walk all around the hospital as she did her rounds, made sure he got outside to get some fresh air and exercise,” Joe said. “She made sure he had food and treats. Everything he needed, she took care of.”

Cupid on the other hand easily became comfortable with Barbara and they both bonded quickly. Soon enough, Cupid was always excited to see her. 

Photo Credit: CBS News (Youtube)

The best part was that Cupid took it on his shoulders the tasks of being a therapy dog and comforted many patients with Barbara’s help. The nurse truly loves him and cares for him because once when Cupid ran out of food, she traveled 40 minutes and checked many stores just to find him the right food.

After Joe was cleared in three weeks and could finally go home, he was so grateful for the amazing nurse and he somehow wanted to show her some appreciation. 

“It’s fortunate when you meet somebody who is in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. And that is Barbara.”

But of course, Barbara was never looking forward to a reward. For her, she just did her job and she’s happy that Joe and Cupid are happy.


Source: Inspire More