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Luther the Cat: From Brewery Mouser to Brewery Label Model [Video]



  • Luther was brought to Windmill Brewing to guard against mice that eat the brewery’s supply of grains, hops, and wheat.
  • But the treats and sunbeams from the brewery’s taproom made Luther retire early from being a mouser.
  • Luther now enjoys his retirement amid his social media popularity and own line of beer and labels.  

Luther the Cat may have moved up the company ladder, but he’s remaining loyal to his brewery home.

In spite of his rescue organization Strays in the Garden’s hesitance, Windmill Brewing hired Luther in 2016 to be a brewery mouser. The brewery’s supply of hops, wheat, and grains make the place a rodent magnet.

The feline did manage to catch mice every now and then, but it was his mere presence that discouraged the mice from snacking. Eventually, the treats and sunbeams in the taproom proved too much of a temptation for Luther to devote his time there.  

Windmill Brewing owner Justin Verburg said, “He kind of got the taste of hanging out with people in the taproom then his interest changed significantly.”

Luther is now retired and has made the taproom his home. The mice problem has been turned over to a pest control company.

The now 6-year-old cat enjoys the sunbeams streaming through the windows of the taproom. He would deign to be petted and sit on your lap if you are wearing a nice pair of black pants — even if you have an allergy. But if you have a severe allergy, the Windmill staff will safely move him.

Photo Credit: John Luke

Verburg says, “He will somehow always seemingly find that person and jump on them. It never fails.” 

Luther absolutely loves the treats at the taproom, which accounts for his excess weight — and so treats are now being monitored.

Oh, and he munched on the spider plants that made him mildly hallucinogenic, so it had to be removed.

Photo Credit: John Luke

But he won’t be pulled out from the taproom. For Luther has gained social media popularity because of the Brewery posts that he appeared in. People would ask about him more than the brews that they produce!

And so, he has been included in the beer labels and even has his own line: Luther’s Paws Peach Pineapple, Luther’s Paws Mango Lychee, and Brigadier General Luther’s Lager are just some of the merchandise.

Verburg says, “It is sort of fun mixing him into everything.” He absolutely loves Luther!

Luther might not be your typical house cat and have already retired early, but he still commands a following. 

Cheers, Luther!

Source: Daily Paws