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Cat has the funniest reaction to owner using cat filter on TikTok [Video]



  • A cat’s reaction to seeing his owner using a cat filter is drawing laughter on TikTok. 
  • The cat was wide-eyed upon seeing the cat filter on his owner’s face.
  • The video now has over 8.3 million views.

Anne, also known as @kittanne pixel on TikTok, shows her beloved cat Pixel in awe of the filter that makes the person look a little more feline in a viral TikTok video.

The video, which has 8.3 million views, was accompanied by hashtags like “#catlover” and “#crazycatlady,” and it drew some laughter as well.

“Your [sic] paying the therapy bills,” one user commented.

“I thought I knew pure joy, then I watched this video,” another quipped of the cat’s terrified reaction.

Another feline fan wrote:

“I’m living for these vids!! His face is everything!!”


Anne told Newsflash that she’s excited to have so many people enjoy her cat’s antics. She says she likes reading all the comments and tries to like as many comments as she can.

Anne, from Canada, said she adopted Pixel, now three years old, from a rescue shelter when he was just three months old. Anne worked at a veterinary clinic and managed an in-home pet care service in the past.

She also revealed that she has three other cats from different shelters.


“Candy [is a] gray-and-white tuxedo domestic shorthair, Tippy [is a] three-legged dilute calico domestic medium [hair], [and] Cotton [is a] white with tabby patches domestic shorthair.”

Pixel, she claims, has “kitten-like” eyes that are larger than those of other cats. She adds that his hilarious expressions make everyone laugh, which is why Anne wanted to share him with TikTok.

“He also loves to play fetch, especially when I am asleep in bed!”

Source: New York Post