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Cat Interrupts Her Mom’s Daily Makeup Routine By Attacking The Brushes Every Chance She Gets



  • This love language for this cat is climbing unto the shoulders of her family members.
  • The cat climbs on their shoulders every chance she gets ever since but it was only until recently that she discovered that the position is best when her owner is putting on makeup.
  • This is probably the cat reminding her owner of how beautiful she is without makeup.

Rey was only supposed to be a temporary foster to Louise Deeth but wound up becoming part of the family. From day one inside the household, it was apparent that the cat enjoys climbing onto the shoulders of the family members. This position puts her in closer to the people that she loves and it was clear this would be a constant after a year and a half later and the cat still climbs on their shoulders every chance she gets.

The Dodo | Louise Deeth

“She has been climbing on us for attention ever since she was able to pull herself up our legs,” Louise Deeth said. “She has this habit of coming up to you and stretching up your leg, and she has a specific little mew that means, ‘If you don’t scoop me up right now, I will just climb my way up with my sharp lil claws.’”

The position the cat likes is not that common. Rey perches herself on the shoulders like a bird, most common when his owner is cooking or cleaning their house. It was only months ago when the cat discovered that this position on the shoulders was best whenever Louise was putting on her makeup. The cat ended up with a new game to play with her owner.

The cat would jump and position herself on her shoulder every time Louise tries to apply her makeup. Rey attacks her makeup brushes from her hand, making it more difficult to put the makeup on…

The Dodo | Louise Deeth

These attacks on the makeup brush became constant. The cat would not stop with his attacks until Louise gets to finish or until she gives up with the whole thing.

“She started interrupting my makeup specifically about three months ago,” Louise said. “She will sit on my shoulders 9 times out of 10 and will attack my brushes every time.”

The Dodo | Louise Deeth

Perhaps, this is the cat reminding her that she is beautiful just the way she is and she does not need makeup. This disruption is most likely to tell her that.

There is no stopping the cat from attacking her brushes to interrupt her daily makeup routine, but since the cat seems to enjoy this, Louise just laughs it off. The cat manages to find a way to get up onto her shoulders every time. She thinks that this is their new normal — the cat interrupting whatever she is doing while on her shoulder. This just makes her love the cat even more.

 “We adore her, and even though she bites our feet at 4 a.m. every night without fail, we wouldn’t have her any other way,” Louise said.

Source: The Dodo