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Cat Loves His Dog Sibling So Much She Likes Sleeping In His Bed! [Video]



  • Cash is known to be a gentleman and is extremely polite.
  • So when his sister sleeps in his bed, he would always beg for his mom’s help to remove her.
  • He is so polite he doesn’t want to disturb his sister who in turn loves him so much!

Cash was rescued by his family 11 years ago, and since then, he has always been known to be extremely polite. 

“Cash is the purest of hearts,” his mom, Novi Scott, told The Dodo. “He is known by all as a little gentleman. He will sit tight for small children who want an extended hug, and he asks for permission to sit on any couch, even though he’s been allowed for his entire life. He is the kind of dog who wouldn’t eat a steak on the floor unless I said it’s OK.” 

When Gertrude became part of the family a few years back, she instantly got obsessed with her big brother and looked up to him. The tiny kitten would follow Cash everywhere he goes and even go on outdoor adventures with him like hiking! On the other hand, Cash always made sure her little sister was safe and happy.

“From day one she claimed Cash as her ‘papa dog,’ as we call him,” Novi said. “She wanted to do everything he did, and be everywhere he was. She sits like a dog, she begs like a dog, and she insists on coming out every morning for Cash’s pee, or else she will meow the entire time we are out without her.”

Since Gertrude always does what Cash does, she would also take naps on her papa dog’s bed. Although Cash doesn’t mind most of the time, he still needs Gertrude to move to her bed when it’s time for him to sleep. But he is too polite to do that, so he comes to his mom every time and asks for her help to get Gertrude off his bed. 

“She would love nothing more than him to curl up next to her, but he would be too polite to try,” Novi said. “Any night that she is in there he will come for my help. He will just be staring at me until I clue in as to why and come assist in the removal of his sister.”

Photo Credit: Novi Scott

Only when Gertrude is removed that Cash would curl up in his bed only to wake up with his sister sleeping beside him again.

“In reality, he could just lie down and she would happily move,” Novi said. “She would never hurt him.”

It’s fun to see such a lovely relationship like that of Cash and Gertrude. We hope they stay the same, but of course we know they surely would!

Source: The Dodo