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Adorable cat begs for Cheetos while other cats eat healthy chicken [Video]



  • User Kittenrhardingile shared on TikTok a video of her cat, pleading for some Cheetos, while all her friends were devouring delicious chicken bits.
  • Users flocked the comment section, saying that the ginger cat was totally relatable.
  • Some said that they were like her who’d rather have some Cheetos than healthy food, while others said that their cats were equally crazy over Cheetos!

Just like most of us, cats can’t help but go for junk food, even if some healthy options are right in front of them.

TikTok user Kittenrhardingile shared on the social media app a video of her ginger cat, on its hind legs, adorably begging for some Cheetos. The pet was even licking its lips in anticipation and her eyes were just glued on the snack.

The woman said, “So here we are. Where all of your friends are eating nice chicken, and your ass wants Cheetos. Like, is that just what is happening right now?”


#catlover #cat #catsoftiktok #foryou #fypシ ♬ original sound – Courtney Lewis

True enough, the video showed that the other cats were feasting on a chicken plate just right behind them, but this feline was sticking to her mom, waiting for some Cheetos treats.

The adorable video, captioned: “#catlover #cat #catsoftiktok #foryou #fypシ, gained huge engagement, with more than 877,100 views and 241,500 likes. And many were able to relate. Seems like ginger cats are famous for going crazy over a pack of Cheetos!

William Bell commented: “Oh my god my cat goes crazy for them.”

Another commenter, Danicia M Will, said: “Ginger cats are different breeds! Lol that’s how my cat is!”

Others were as fascinated, especially those who could associate themselves with the ginger cat on the video.

“Lmao that’s me. All my friends eat healthy and I’m out there with Cheetos,” Chloe said, while Jsaldivar87 wrote: “That cat is my inner spirit animal lol.”

Some even joked that Cheetos definitely turns cats orange.


Another feline went viral when a video showed her squeezing under a shut door. The pet, named Holly, was seen squeezing under a door, managing to get past it with squeezing her head first, then twisting her body next.

User Stlrgrl8717 captioned the video: “Our cat, Holly, turns into a liquid cat and leaves the room underneath the door.”

Source: Newsweek