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Christmas Miracle: Daughter’s Plea For Customers For Mom’s Empty Taco Shop Granted



  • After opening in October last year, a taco shop was in danger of closing due to lack of customers.
  • One of the owners’ daughters posted a video on TikTok showing her mom waiting for clients to come in and she wished she could give her mom customers.
  • The post garnered 37 million views and brought an avalanche of orders that they had to bring in family members and extra staff to keep up with the demand. 

The restaurant industry is a tough one to be in.  According to a 2014 research from the University of California, Berkeley, within their first year alone, an estimated 17 percent of independently owned full-service restaurant startups fail.


I wish I could give her customers for Christmas ♬ In My Room – speedllist

For sisters Joy Milan and Kack Keomanivong who realized their dream of owning their restaurant called Taco-Bout-Joy’s in Glenview, Illinois just last October, closing down was a possibility. 

Judging from their empty shop, the sibling refugees’ restaurant from Laos could end up as one of the statistics.


If you found tears in your tacos, I’m sorry 💖 ♬ original sound – Taco-Bout-Joys

But Joy’s daughter Isabel posted an emotional video on TikTok in which she wrote, “It breaks my heart to see my mom watching the door everyday waiting for a customer to walk in. I wish I could give her customers for Christmas.”

And as if by magic, her Christmas wish would soon be granted as it gained 37 million views and counting. Commenters even said that they were eager to buy food from Taco-Bout-Joy’s!


My mom is my hero 💖 ♬ Scott Street (Slowed Down) – Phoebe Bridgers

From waiting for customers, the Illinois taco shop was inundated by orders! In just one shift, they sold over 500 tacos! And customers are demanding for more.

And the clients kept coming.  The next day, starting from the time they opened at 10:30am, “cars flooded in and customers came to visit us to support the restaurant,” according to Isabel.

Photo Credit: @tacoboutjoys (TikTok)

Her mom even called her to help in the restaurant.

Help also came from family members and extra staff from friends and owners of other restaurants like Nina’s Tacos in Sycamore.

Jordyn was happy to report that they sold over 500 tacos alone, not including tortas and burritos.

Photo Credit: @tacoboutjoys (TikTok)

Even though the two owners initially did not know what was happening, after it was explained, they were surprised that many people would come out and support them.

Jordyn said, “None of us ever thought that that one Tiktok post would make it this far and reach so many people not only around us, but over the country and other countries as well.”  She added, “It’s great knowing that social media can be used to support our community.”

It was indeed a “Christmas miracle” that could warm hearts the whole year through.  

Source: Newsweek