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Chubby Squirrel Sighting Sends Woman into Adorable Frenzy



Quick Smiles:

  • Woman spots an adorably chubby squirrel
  • She jokes about the squirrel’s size, but loves nature and animals
  • Fat squirrel is just preparing for the winter months

Imagine coming across the chubbiest squirrel you’ve ever seen. That’s exactly what happened to Erin Zak, who couldn’t help but share her excitement on TikTok. The video features a rotund squirrel munching on a pumpkin, and Zak’s hilarious commentary.

Zak admits her reaction might sound harsh, but she’s actually just joking around. “When I saw the big fella, I thought it was just so funny!” she said. “My commentary might sound a little harsh, but I’m actually just joking around. I guess that’s just my sense of humor.” The squirrel eventually moved on, but Zak encountered him again later and had more to say.


This is the same big boi a few weeks ago! 🤣🤣 #animalsoftiktok #fatsquirrels #squirrels #fatty

♬ original sound – Erin Zak

While Zak’s commentary might seem like body-shaming, the squirrel doesn’t seem bothered. After all, it’s a squirrel’s job to fatten up before the cold and lean winter months. And this particular squirrel is clearly dedicated to his work.

Despite having her pumpkins chewed on, Zak appreciates sharing her space with such a cute, chunky critter. “I love nature. I love animals,” she said. “I know they’re just trying to survive.”