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Clever Dog Lures Playmates with ‘Lost’ Ball



Quick Smiles:

  • Marisa Casillas, a woman who noticed a golden retriever regularly peeking through a fence, hoping for assistance with his lost ball.
  • A TikTok video by Casillas capturing this adorable interaction has gained over 1.2 million views and 216,800 likes, touching the hearts of viewers.
  • The golden retriever has perfected the art of attracting attention and initiating play by deliberately losing his ball.

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A heartwarming story has been circulating the internet recently, involving a woman, a golden retriever, and a rogue tennis ball. During her regular walk home, Marisa Casillas encountered this charming dog who had a habit of pushing his head through his fence, awaiting assistance.

The golden retriever, with his head poking out from under the fence, patiently waited and hoped for a kind passerby to come to his aid.

Casillas soon realised that the dog was all interested in a tennis ball that had mysteriously ended up beyond the fence and onto the street. She arrived just in time to assist the eager retriever.

Upon watching her pick up the ball,
“the dog’s eyes lit up. He was overjoyed that someone had acknowledged his predicament.”


His joy was well-founded. To him, a stranger retrieving the lost ball meant a new playmate who would return his beloved toy to him. Even though the first attempt to throw the ball back wasn’t perfect, the dog was reunited with his toy soon enough.

Casillas wonders in her video if the ball’s journey past the fence was accidental or a clever ploy by the dog to coax strangers into playtime. Based on her previous encounters with the dog, she leans towards the latter.

She disclosed this isn’t a one-time occurrence. The dog appears to “misplace” his ball about three times a day, conveniently when she is walking home. She suspects the cunning dog has trained her to play with him via his crafty ball-losing tactic.

Casillas’ video capturing this delightful interaction was uploaded to her TikTok account @marisacasillass, where it gained over 1.2 million views and 216,800 likes, tugging at viewer’s emotions. Some even expressed their distress about the dog spending any time without his favourite ball.

One viewer voiced their empathy saying,
“Thank you for doing that!! I can’t bear the thought of him not being able to reach his ball. Ball is life.”

Another viewer considered the dog’s potential strategy, asking,
“Aw, what if he anticipates your arrival and throws it for you to play with him?”


Yet another speculated on the dog’s thoughts:
“He’s thinking—’Here’s that kind lady, she always plays with me.’”

This tale of the ball-losing golden retriever winning hearts across the internet serves as a joyful reminder of the simple but deep connections we can form with our four-legged friends.


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