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Colorado Animal Sanctuary That Fosters Love Among Different Species Warms Hearts



  • The Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary welcomes different species of animals that need their love and care.
  • Their rescues have formed loving relationships between and among different species.
  • A dog named Buddha is BFFs with a cow while a chicken, duck and turkey live together in harmony.

The Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in Erie, Colorado was founded on nonviolence and compassion.  The sanctuary’s staff rescues and meets the physical and emotional needs of animals, no matter what species, that come into their property.

As a result, inter and intra-species friendships are formed and flourish among rescued dogs, cats, lambs, cows, chickens, ducks, and turkeys, among others.

Photo Credit: Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary (Today)

One relationship that has left a mark in the hearts at the sanctuary is between a dog named Buddha and a cow named Marley.

Buddha befriends baby animals when they come to the sanctuary.  It all started when he came to the shelter in 2020.  As part of quarantine measures, new animals must be separated from the others to avoid spread of potential diseases.  Buddha saw a then 5-week-old calf named Marley begging for attention.  He went into the calf’s enclosure and slept with her.  And that is when they started cuddling and cavorting.

Photo Credit: Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary (Today)

Now at 1,200 pounds, Marley still hops and jumps whenever she sees Marley.  Even if it is dangerous for them to play together now as cows play with their heads, they greet each other and kiss each other even if through a fence.

Shartrina White, the sanctuary’s executive director said, “Buddha has this way with all of our new rescues. The cutest thing in the world is watching Cheerio get all excited and do these little hops and jumps and run after Buddha to follow him and play with him.”

Photo Credit: Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary (Today)

Now, Buddha is taking care of a 4-week-old lamb called Cheerio.

Then there is a chick named Koda and a duckling named Kenai who thinks he’s a chicken. And the two have befriended a turkey named Walter and they all live together! 

Photo Credit: Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary (Today)

But it is not all interspecies.  Marley, the original BFF of Cheerio, has fallen for a cow named Samantha.

It is amazing how it all works out for the sanctuary and the animals.  The Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary’s founders and staff have shown that when love is shared, its recipients- the animals, will also freely give it.

Source: Today