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Couple Buys Street Vendor’s $1 Candy And Pays Him $100 Instead, The Man Cried In Happiness! [Video]



  • Just like any vendor, the man a couple passed by has recently not been selling much because of the current situation with the virus.
  • So the couple decided to step up and instead of paying just $1 for his coconut candy, they gave him $100 to somehow help him.
  • The man was overwhelmed with happiness and can’t help but shed some tears.

While the threat of the coronavirus is crippling the economy and causing hardships to people, there is still goodness in this world that restores our faith to humanity.

The kindness that we get is overflowing—from our neighbors and even from strangers. Just like the inspiring story of how a couple showed kindness to a street vendor in Medellín, Colombia, through a candy.

Just like the other sellers, the vendor they encountered has recently not been able to sell as much as he usually does. So when the couple stopped by to buy from him, he was thankful—however, he did not expect it would be more than just a regular seller and customer experience.

The man sells his coconut candies for a normal price of $1 per piece, so when he received $100 and was told to keep the change, he was shaken. “How much?” he started to become teary-eyed. “I can’t believe it. Really?”

Photo Credit: goodnews_movement (Instagram)

“Yes, $100, sir,” the woman reiterated.

The man was overwhelmed with joy from the kindness he received, “What joy. I am so happy. This is incredible.”

The kindhearted customer did not know how much the man needed so they hoped that what they gave him was useful enough—to which the man replied,  “It comes in handy because I don’t have food at home. I hope God repays you both.”

Photo Credit: goodnews_movement (Instagram)

In this time of uncertainty, it is important that we look for each other and lift each other up by giving help as much as we can. We are greatly thankful for the anonymous couple not only for helping a man in need but also for inspiring us with their benevolence which is what the world direly needs now.

Source: Inspire More