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Couple Discovers Something Fluffy And Cute Behind Mysterious Wall Noises



Quick Smiles:

  • A couple, troubled by mysterious noises in their home, discovered a fluffy tabby cat trapped in their wall.
  • The video of the rescue, shared by @sugarsteph on TikTok, has garnered over 12.3 million views and 360,000 likes.
  • Steph, a cat lover with four of her own, is now actively working with a cat charity to help trap, neuter, and return the strays in her
  • neighborhood.

The nonent that we uncovered the cat feom inside out wall. Q&A’s: ✅ She is actually a he ✅ He was only in the wall for one day, not even overnight (he had been coming and going in our attic for days) ✅ He only had a scrape on his cheek. These street cats are TOUGH, and he was perfectly FINE ✅ We are actively working with a TPN resource, Forgotten Felines to get these wild neighborhood cats the help they need ✅There are dozens of these cats in my neighborhood and thousands in the county. If taken to the shelter these cats would likely be euthan!zed #catsoftiktok #catlife #rescue #wow #cats

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When strange noises echo through your home, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that you’re dealing with a rodent issue. However, for one woman, the reality was far from it.

After bringing in an exterminator and spending three days searching for the source of a peculiar scratching noise, this couple found the noise was emanating from within their wall. Their initial fear was that they were dealing with rats.

The woman, known as @sugarsteph on TikTok, shared the moment of discovery with her followers. The video shows a man cutting into the wall, revealing a fluffy tabby cat.

“The source of the noise,” she captioned the video, which has since amassed over 12.3 million views and 360,000 likes.


The couple explained that the cat had been frequenting their attic for days, but had somehow managed to get trapped inside the wall for less than a day.

“He only had a scrape on his cheek. These street cats are TOUGH, and he was perfectly FINE,” Steph shared in her post.

In the comments, she reassured her followers, “He was meowing the whole time so we knew he was alive.”

She also revealed their own cat’s failed rescue attempt: “We did send our cat into the crawl space to help us locate him! It wasn’t very effective.”

Steph’s TikTok is filled with videos documenting the rescue. One shows her partner cutting three holes into the wall to locate the trapped feline. The cat had apparently fallen through a hole in the attic near their air conditioning unit and ended up “folded sideways stuck in the wall.”

Interestingly, the cat wasn’t a stranger to Steph. She explained, “Feral cats are a bit rampant in our neighborhood, and this particular tail-less cat has always been quite the menace.”


Steph, who already has four cats of her own, shared that they “nurtured” the rescued cat before releasing him back into the neighborhood, which is home to many more strays. She is now actively collaborating with a cat charity to trap, neuter, and return the strays in her area.

The video, posted on February 27, has sparked a lively conversation with over 1,330 comments.

One user humorously commented, “The cat distribution system works in mysterious ways.”

“Cat in the wall??? Okay, now you’re talking my language!” another chimed in.

“Why do things like this never happen to me?!? I want to be the chosen one,” a third user lamented.