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Dad Writes A Book About Gender Roles And Empowerment Inspired By His 6-Year-Old Son Who Likes Disney Princesses [Video]



  • Scott Stuart decided to support his son all the way with whatever his preference is.
  • He even dressed up in Queen Elsa’s costume so his son, Colin, would have more courage to be himself.
  • Scott also writes a children’s book that tackles gender roles and empowerment inspired by, none other than, Colin.

An inspiring dad encourages his son to be true to himself no matter what because he’ll be there to support him.

Scott Stuart’s son, Colin, has loved Queen Elsa of Disney’s Frozen ever since he was only 3 years old, says BuzzFeed.

“He fell in love with Queen Elsa,” he said. “He loved everything about her, and of course, wanted every toy and costume available. He had an Elsa doll that he was so proud of. He would take it everywhere and show it to everyone.”

Now, the 6-year-old boy still adores the Disney princess but he was still too shy to dress up like her when he recently went to watch Frozen 2 with his father. He was afraid that people would make fun of him.

“I feel that in a moment like that, we can either teach our kids to run away from who they are and what they love, to try and please other people, or teach them to have the courage to be themselves,” the 36-year-old dad, explained.

Photo Credit: Scott Stuart

Scott chose to give his son the courage he needs! More than just letting him know he supports him, he showed it by dressing up in a blue gown and blonde wig looking like Queen Elsa which is now a viral video in TikTok.

“We chose to teach him to be himself,” said Scott—a graphic designer and an author of children’s books.

Through the video, he wants to inspire other parents to let their children be themselves and give them courage by standing up with them.

Photo Credit: Scott Stuart

Although young Colin has already faced bullying and dislike from his classmates because of his preference and was even troubled sometimes because somebody told him that Elsa was only for girls. That’s when  Scott decided his son all the way regardless of what the society thinks.

Scott discusses parenting styles in his TikTok videos. He will also be releasing his book, My Shadow is Pink, which tackles gender roles and empowerment—his inspiration for this is none other than his fearless son, Colin.

Source: PEOPLE