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Dexter Failed At Being A Police Dog But Aced Being A Fur Healer [Video]



  • Dog interaction has been proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress.
  • Dexter was trained as a police dog but works more effectively as a stress reliever. 
  • Dexter is now the first ever “Wellbeing Dog” of Scotland Yard.

When you fail on something, maybe you’re not cut out for it and can excel in another one?  That is what Dexter has proven.

Dexter, a black Labrador Retriever, worked hard to become a police dog with England’s Metropolitan Police. The business of sniffing out perpetrators, drugs, and bombs was really not for him.  The job was too serious for his friendly nature.  Besides, it was stressing him out already.  And he was showing signs of it during his training sessions.

PC Mike Sheather said, “If a dog isn’t settling or isn’t happy in their role, it’s our duty to take them out. It was like one of my old school reports — lacked focus, immature, concentration issues. They actually used the word ‘gregarious.’”

As an experienced handler, Mike thought that Dexter’s personality was not fit to become a drugs dog as he was too friendly.  “He’s just too good around people. He got withdrawn because he was too sociable,” Mike added.

Photo Credit: MetTaskforce

But the subject of stress dogs in the United States Army came up one day as Mike talked with a friend. A dog releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin with just a simple pet. And Mike’s special skill is offering comfort and lightening the mood of everyone he meets.  And so, Dexter became Scotland Yard’s first-ever “Wellbeing Dog.”

This is where Dexter would really shine.  With the ongoing pandemic, Dexter brings out the smiles to anxious first responders and health care workers, local residents who are worrying and tired of the lockdowns, and police officers who have experienced trauma.

Photo Credit: Sky News

Mike said, “The response I have when Dexter works his magic is really positive.”

Dexter simply lightens the mood.  And it is scientifically proven that heart rate, blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol are decreased with dog interaction.  On the other hand, the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin is increased.

Photo Credit: MetTaskforce

With Mike at the helm and Dexter working his magic, there is no doubt that the wellness dog program is a success. There is no stopping “the healing power of fur.”

Source: Inspire More