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Dog Becomes Nanny To Twin Newborn Siblings But Not Without A lot Of Jealousy First [Video]



  • Lucy the Chocolate Lab was an only child for years until the arrival of her twin siblings.
  • At first, she was jealous of the twins as she’s not the center of attention anymore but now she has focused on helping her mom and dad by fetching what the twins need.
  • She has stopped being jealous and has now become the best nanny for her siblings.

Joshua, 32, of Capreol, Ontario, Canada posted a video in @uhohtwins account showing his 6-year-old Chocolate Lab, Lucy, doing tasks that her dad asks her to do.

After Jealous Streak, Family Dog Helps as ‘Nanny’ to Newborn Twins

Chocolate Lab mix Lucy relished her role as only “child” — until Joshua and Kelly Rheaume’s twin daughters Lily and Lennon arrived!Posted by People on Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Lucy was adopted by Joshua and Kelly Rheaume when she was just 6 months old and has been an important part of the couple’s lives.   She scattered flowers on their wedding as their flower girl and “if she can’t be included somewhere, we don’t go,” according to dad Joshua.

Lucy was an only child for so many years that when her newborn twin siblings arrived, she had a lot of adjusting to do.  She even had jealous days when she realized that the attention was not solely on her anymore.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Joshua said, “She was hardcore jealous when we brought them home. But in three or four days, we realized she liked helping. The moment we knew Lucy was okay with the girls was the best moment for us.”

And Lucy now helps her mom and dad fetch what the babies need. She has become more than ready to help. 

Photo Credit: SWNS

In the video, her dad Joshua was snuggling with her twin siblings, Lilly and Lennon and he asked her to go fetch the babies’ diapers. 

Joshua added, “When we saw that helping [the babies] helped Lucy, I felt like I was reaching out to dog owners to show it’s important to include their pets.”

And the babies seem to appreciate what their elder sister is doing for them.

“I’m lucky to get a smile from the girls,” says Joshua, “but I’ve taken a couple of cute photos where it looks like they’re petting Lucy. “They’re still too young to interact, but they love to look at her.”

Good job, Lucy!

Source: People