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Dog happily witnesses neighbor-couple build their own family [Video]



  • Tubs loves to spend her time in the front yard.
  • She loves greeting people on the sidewalk just outside the fence.
  • She has seen one of her favorite guests, a young couple, have their own family. 

It’s no secret that dogs bring delight to their owners like few other things can — but a good puppy’s love and affection aren’t necessarily confined to their family.

Just ask Tubs, a friendly dog.


Tubs lives in Australia and spends most of her time in her front yard. Of course, that is where the action is. Little Tubs runs to greet folks on the sidewalk just outside the fence, a tradition she’s grown to enjoy.

A young neighbor couple who constantly stops to pat Tubs over the fence while out walking is one of those regular visitors.

And it is from this viewpoint that the friendly dog has witnessed their connection blossom:

Tubs has become an endearing presence in the lives of folks who might otherwise be strangers – even as their own family expands.

Tubs will, hopefully, be there to get a pat from the next generation’s young hands.

She clearly can’t wait.


Source: The Dodo