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Dog Left By Owner In Neighbor’s Yard Now Looking For New Forever Home



  • A woman from Orlando found a dog left by his owner in her yard in March.
  • With him is a note that says, his owner needs to go to California due to the current situation and the dog needs a new owner.
  • The woman then called a shelter for help and Lincoln is now in the care of a foster family, waiting to be adopted.

In this time of crisis when we most need to look out for one another, we also need to look out for animals affected by the situation, too.

A woman from Orlando, Florida found a dog lying on her lawn outside her house last month. The little brown and white pit bull had his lease tied into a tree and with a muzzle. Next to him, a note was left that was clearly intended for her.

The letter of desperation says:

“I am leaving to California to be with my mother and brother during this pandemic. Please take care of Lincoln or find him a good home. I trust you with my baby. I’m sorry.”

So then the woman brought the dog inside her home and quickly called The Pittie Party of Central Florida (TPPCF) to seek help. 

A volunteer at TPPCF, Mayson Jones, rushed to the woman’s home and brought Lincoln to take care of him and keep him from the loneliness of missing his owner.

“He seemed a bit confused and was looking all around the yard for awhile,” Mayson told The Dodo. Eventually, the dog made himself comfortable in the new home and played with Mayson.

Lincoln is not the only one. With the current situation, many dogs in Florida are experiencing abandonment. Because of this, shelters and rescue centers have been needing additional volunteers and foster families.

Photo Credit: Mayson Jones

“We are in crisis mode with the amount of people who have abandoned their dogs because of unemployment and the uncertainty of what is around the corner,” TPPCF said on a Facebook post. “Shelters are being forced to euthanize dogs at a devastating rate. Individuals are abandoning their dogs on the streets after many shelters are denying intakes.”

Fortunately, Lincoln is now in the care of a foster family and once he is cleared, he will be up for adoption. 

Photo Credit: Mayson Jones

“He loves balls and any sort of toy he can chew up,” Mayson said. “He’s very affectionate. Loves people — men, women, kids — and is not standoffish at all.”

Lincoln needs a family willing to provide him his forever home. Until then, he will be waiting patiently.  “He’s a big hippo,” Mayson said. “Just an overall super sweet and mellow guy.”

Source: The Dodo