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Dog Was Sad He Couldn’t Play With Kids Outside, So He Sits On The Balcony And Watches Them All Day



  • Big Poppa’s most favorite thing to do was to play with the kids in his building but due to the coronavirus, he was not allowed to go out and play with them.
  • This makes the adorable dog so sad and all he could do was sit on the balcony and watch the children from afar.
  • But when the kids noticed him and shouted his name, it made him very happy!

Big Poppa loves to socialize and whenever he gets the chance, he plays with the kids living in their building.

“Mornings on the weekend when we walk or early evenings, there is usually a child playing in the courtyard or riding a skateboard in the garage,” Big Poppa’s mom, Rae Ellis, told The Dodo. “He loves it, especially if they have a ball or a skateboard or on a scooter. He will try to get it and play on it but he’s too small. They usually let him attempt and also give him plenty of rubs.”

Photo Credit: Rae Ellis

Recently, he has been unable to play outside with the kids because of the current health crisis, and his mom noticed how he started to become sad. He would sit on the balcony and look at the kids down below as they play.

“I noticed him trying to get the attention of the kids outside but he could not,” Rae said.

Photo Credit: Rae Ellis

Now, Big Poppa frequently does his thing—sitting on the balcony and waiting to see different kids outside. At first, he was sad that the kids didn’t notice his presence there, but once they did, the kids started saying hi to him and he was thrilled!

“Now they know he’s watching and they scream BIG POPPA repeatedly and he jumps around and he’s so excited,” Rae said. 

It makes him very happy to hear the kids he adores shout his name and in turn, it makes his mom happy as well.

Like any of us, Big Poppa must have missed playing outside with his favorite kids. But for now, we are glad that he’s found a way to stay happy despite the odds. 

Source: The Dodo