Dog’s Dramatic Reaction To A Delayed Dinner Is Worthy Of An Oscar [Video]

  • A little dog has become TikTok’s dramatic actress because of her reactions to waiting for dinner.
  • The dog went as far as near fainting and shedding tears to show that she was starving.
  • Pippa could well be the next dramatic actress in Hollywood’s canine Oscars.

If there is any event that would bring out the overly dramatic reactions of dogs, it’s a delayed dinner, no matter how short it is.

When TikTok user @jeanie3legs shared a video of her two pups, Pippa and Jeanie’s behavior over a delayed dinner, the viewers were left in stitches. Coupled with the caption which read: “getting into character,” one could not help but laugh.

By the way, both dogs are disabled and have only three legs.

First the impatience on Pippa’s face and actions over several seconds of delay in preparing her food.  And then she goes into full-blown drama queen mode as if she would faint and die from not being fed. At some point, she appears to have shed tears.  What a great actress!

But her mom knows her too well and described the antics as: “brilliantly playing the role of starving, desolate, damsel in distress.”

But it is what got the viewers hooked— the overly dramatics!  Viewers cannot help but rate the superb acting. @oldlady19492 said “I’d fall for it. She’s good. And the Oscar goes to Pippa!”

“She’s giving Meryl Streep a run for her money,” dog_mama_k, commented.

Through the drama, their adorable antics still made other viewers love them.  As @michellemottram2 commented, “Aww those faces! Love at first sight.”

And others find them overly funny like @user5404153171967 who said, “I spit out my coffee I laughed so hard. I love this!”

Pippa deserves an award! But their mom deserves a thank you for taking good care of both Pippa and Jeanie.

Source: Pet Helpful

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That is toooooo funny. Good girl Pippa.