Dogs play invisible to avoid bath time [Video]

  • Sullivan and Sampson both dislike having baths.
  • They do every trick possible to escape from bath time — they plant themselves on a bed or couch, hide behind each other and, one time, try to make themselves invisible!
  • Their mom Theresa Milke find her dogs too cute and funny, but won’t still allow them to miss washing up.

How come these dogs know how to (creatively) escape from something they hate doing?

Brothers Sullivan and Sampson, regardless of some differences, agree on one thing — they both dislike bath time.

Photo Credit: Theresa Milke/The Dodo

Although Sullivan is “an avid swimmer,” whether in their pool at home or in the lakes and rivers, unlike Sampson who is not a fan of water in general, both dogs equally hate bath time.

“I have no idea why it is that they aren’t fans of bath time, probably just because they like to be dirty,” Theresa Milke, the dogs’ mom, told The Dodo.

These dogs just know it when it’s time for bath, and they stand by their decision not to have one. They literally hide by planting themselves firmly on a bed or couch, and refusing to move!

At times, though, they wouldn’t realize it sooner and end up trapped in the bathroom. When that happens, they even come up with more creative ways to get rid of bath time.

One day, Sullivan and Sampson were locked in the bathroom with mom, while she was preparing their bath. When Theresa was ready to wash them, she saw the two hiding in the funniest way.

“When I turned around to tell one of them to get in the tub, this is what I saw (both of them hiding behind the robes),” Theresa said. “I quickly grabbed my phone and started recording and couldn’t stop laughing. When I removed the robes they had the ‘Oh crap’ look in their eyes.”

Despite trying their best to escape, of course they had to bathe anyway. Although that creative attempt didn’t work, Sullivan and Sampson have never stopped hiding whenever they know that mom is preparing for wash time — they even tried hiding behind each other!

“Typically it’s Sullivan hiding behind Sampson and it takes much coaxing to get Sullivan in the tub,” Theresa said. “Sampson has taken the stance that Sullivan has to go first and then he will reluctantly get in the tub.”

Once they’re being washed in the tub, everything is easy-peasy. Regardless, the smooth wash-up time isn’t convincing enough for them to start loving baths, which is, in a way, a good thing. The family can anticipate more hilarious hiding adventures that will fill their house with much-needed laughs.

Source: The Dodo

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