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Electrician Rallies Community To Fix Elderly Woman’s Home [Video]



  • John Kinney of Massachusetts fixed an electrical issue at an elderly woman’s house in his neighborhood.
  • But when he saw that she had a very poor living condition, he decided to help her.
  • He started a fundraiser and has the whole community rally behind the project and contribute to rebuild the woman’s home.

John Kinney works as an electrician in Woburn, Massachusetts, and like all other electricians, he was trained to be very observant whenever inside someone’s house. So when he went into the house of an elderly woman, he was appalled at her living state!

John owns and runs Kinney Electric together with his brother Dan. When an elderly woman named Gloria called them to fix her house’s electrical issue after she saw sparks “shooting out of her light fixture,” John went right away and saw more pressing problems in the house besides the electric line.

Photo Credit: John Kinney

“When I arrived at her house, I discovered that the electrical was in very bad shape,” John posted on Facebook. “Half her lights were out, she had no stove, and her refrigerator was plugged into an extension cord. I fixed her immediate electrical hazards and got her lights and air conditioning on.”

Although he had done what he was hired to do, he just can’t shake off the thought of Gloria, being an elderly, living in a poor condition. It was filthy, plants have overgrown, debris of junks are everywhere, and wild animals often get inside. Everything around her was falling down, literally. 

Photo Credit: John Kinney

John also discovered she’s alone and is living within very limited means. That’s when he decided to help her and get his contractor friends and co-workers chip in some help too. So he started a fundraiser through Facebook entitled: “Nice old lady needs help.”

“We knew she needed help, it was apparent,” Dan said. “But she’s so kindhearted and good-natured that she wouldn’t ever want to impose on anybody to ask for it.”

Photo Credit: John Kinney

The next weekend, a number of carpenters, plumbers, and landscapers, showed up at her house ready to work for free!

They cleaned and fixed what they could and Kinney Electric installed a new electric system at her house!

Photo Credit: John Kinney

Local restaurants have also heard of this incredible project and sent free food and drinks to the volunteers. Other neighbors donated cash and some even sent some gifts for Gloria’s dog, Choo Choo. The whole community contributed and even their kids helped too!

This warmed many hearts online but John and his army of good-hearted volunteers are not yet finished! They hope to get the entire house repaired and ready in the next few weeks for the winter season!

Truly, there is nothing that can’t be done with many hands working together!

Source: Inspire More