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Family Builds Plexiglass Box In Nursing Facility So They Could Still See Their Grandmother Safely



  • Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, it has been hard for families to be together with their loved ones who had to be isolated for safety. 
  • Theresa Goehring’s 95-year-old grandmother had to be moved to a nursing facility to keep her safe from the threats of the novel coronavirus.
  • Family members decided to build a plexiglass box with the help of the facility so that they could see their beloved grandmother safely.

With the government’s implementation of the preventive measures to battle the  COVID-19 pandemic, it has been difficult for many people to be with their loved ones who are either elderly or immunocompromised and had to be isolated for safety. 

Since then, people have come up with creative ways to be together. Just like Theresa Goehring whose 95-year-old grandmother just recently moved into a senior living community to get 24-hour care after living with a family member for 10 years. It was a hard decision but it was for the best way for her to be safe.

Photo Credit: Theresa Meyer

As the pandemic goes on, her family was worried of being unable to see her so they thought of a creative way to remedy the situation. Some of their family members own Meyer Brothers and Sons in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is a building remodeling company. With their experience in the building industry, and with the help of the Barrington of West Chester, a nursing facility in Cincinnati, they built a plexiglass box.

Photo Credit: Theresa Meyer

Through the plexiglass box, the family can then be able to see their beloved matriarch safely. The best thing about it is that, not just their grandmother, but all the other elderly residents in the facility can use it to see their families as well.

Photo Credit: Theresa Meyer

“This brought me so much joy, and I hope it brings joy to others too. Maybe it will inspire some other nursing facilities to use this as a way for loved ones to be able to be close!” Theresa told Tank’s Good News.

Source: Tank’s Good News