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Family Who Went Viral for Adorable Movie Scene Recreations Raises Thousands of Dollars For Charity! [Video]



  • People have been very creative during the lockdowns and the Presser family from Connecticut is among them.
  • When they started recreating scenes from movies starring their adorable kids, the clips were a hit!
  • They decided to use their growing popularity to start a fundraiser for a non-profit called Feeding America.

Many people have been very creative in making use of their free time during the global lockdowns — and the Presser family from Connecticut is no different.

They, too, got bored, and while others tried to learn a new language or how to bake, Dan Presser, an ESPN producer, decided to make projects with his kids!

It started as something they only did for fun, but in the process, they were able to raise money for a charity!

Dan and his wife, Beth, raised two adorable kids, 4-year-old Madison and 21-month-old Barton. Maddie’s favorite movie is “The Lion King” and she frequently recites the lines. One time, her parents decided to film her. After editing it, the clip turned out hilarious!

“We were trying to think of creative ways to have fun with them and teach them stuff,” Dan told GMA. “My wife downloaded an app and we put together the clips with some sound effects and it came out pretty funny.”

Seeing the positive feedback from family and friends, the couple thought, “If we can bring some happiness to people in this miserable 2020, we should try.”

Since then, they have created short parodies of 30 various movie scenes — and they are all cute and funny! Maddie takes the lead in most of the scenes, which they called “Quarantine 2020 Productions.”

They have recreated “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Thelma & Louise,” “Field of Dreams,” “The Shining,” “Ace Ventura,” “A League of Their Own,” “There’s no crying in baseball!”, and the unforgettable “Titanic.”

Their videos have been gaining more views that they started to build a fanbase. That’s when Dan and Beth decided to take advantage of their growing popularity and make further good deeds — a fundraiser to support Feeding America.


So far, the family has raised $12,000 and Dan’s employer matched the money — making it a total of $25,000 donation to the nonprofit organization that provides food to 200 plus food banks across the country.

“I think people have really rallied around and realized that if they’re lucky enough to be in that situation where they’re still getting paid and still getting food on the table, then they should try and give back,” Dan shared.

Source: Inspire More