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“Father of the Year”: Cat Dad Wins Hearts By Supporting Girlfriend During Kitten Birth [Video]



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  • A male cat named Santos is capturing the internet’s heart by showcasing his supportive role during the birth of his kittens. A video posted on TikTok showed Santos massaging his girlfriend Poppy’s back during birth, and cuddling with her and the kittens afterwards, earning him the title “Father of the Year”.
  • The video, which received over 4.4 million views, triggered a wave of emotional responses from viewers, with many being moved by the evident bond and affection between Santos, Poppy, and their newborn kittens.
  • Despite it being unusual for male cats to engage with their offspring due to inherent hunting instincts, Santos proves an exception. The TikToker reassures viewers that Santos is supervised at all times around the kittens, providing a heartwarming example of cross-species family bonds and supportive parenting.

In an event that is capturing hearts across the internet, a male cat named Santos has been named “Father of the Year”.

The title was awarded after a video was shared on TikTok by user @santospoppy, showing Santos supporting his girlfriend, Poppy, during the birth of their kittens.

As any pet lover will tell you, animals can surprise us with their emotional depth and compassion. But Santos, a dedicated feline dad, has taken it to the next level.

The footage, viewed over 4.4 million times, shows Santos peering curiously over the side of Poppy’s cardboard birthing box before jumping in beside her.

He then starts massaging Poppy’s back with his paws and snuggles up to her once their first kitten is born.

“Best dad award goes to Santos,” wrote @santospoppy alongside the footage.


Best dad award goes to Santos ❤️🐈‍⬛ PS My boy has been neutered (thanks for the correction) not too long ago, she will also be fixed whenever shes ready #catsoftiktok #fyp #babydaddy #dadcat ♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

This heartwarming display of cat-ernity support quickly prompted a flurry of emotional responses from TikTok users.

“This is the cutest thing ever,” commented Rose.

Rachel asked: “Am I…tearing up…over cats in love????” while another user, Ghost, admitted to “violently sobbing.”

This touching tableau of feline family life melted hearts and even led some to reconsider their own pet parenting setups, with BestBee humorously noting: “Why am I sad over my cat being a single parent!?”

In a follow-up video, “Baby Daddy Goals Part 2,” Santos and Poppy are seen snuggling up with their three healthy kittens—two adorable orange tabbies and one sleek black cat.


@Santospoppy reassured viewers that Santos is being watched at all times to ensure the kittens’ safety.

According to Love to Know Pets, it’s rare for male cats to get involved with their offspring, as their hunting instincts can sometimes kick in.

However, there are exceptions to the rule and Santos definitely seems to be one of them.

“Santos is ‘Father of the Year,’” Michellecheverr9 declared in the comments.

Bubblegum69691 agreed, stating “Better dad than most humans,” and Josie Fuentes added: “We are invested.”

While the feline world may not always feature such paternal dedication, Santos has certainly shown that it’s possible.


As the internet continues to cheer for Santos’ excellent fatherhood, this whiskered Romeo reminds us all about the surprising depth of animal emotions.

Love, it seems, is not exclusive to us humans, and Santos the cat is living proof of that.

In this small corner of the internet, a family of cats is winning hearts and redefining our perceptions of animal love and bonding.