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Fiancé Dumped Her Because She Was “Too Fat,” Now She’s Crowned Miss Great Britain 2020!



  • Jen Atkin was once obese and got rejected by her fiancé for being “too fat.”
  • She worked hard and lost a whopping 112 lbs — from being 247 lbs down to 131 lbs in just two years!
  • While that is already a great achievement, she has recently won the title of Miss Great Britain 2020.

The recently crowned Miss Great Britain 2020 is a 26-year-old woman who was once dumped by her fiancé because she was “too fat.”

Since then, Jen Atkin worked hard to lose weight from 247 lbs to 131 lbs in just two years! That is a whopping 112 lbs weight loss after she realized she’s done slacking off, her favorite dress didn’t fit her anymore, and her ex-boyfriend dumped her because of being such.

“Well, after years of being obese, unhealthy and uncomfortable I found motivation and managed to lose 8 stone,” Jen wrote on Instagram. “It transformed me into an ambitious and hard-working person in all areas of my life; achieving something so incredible changed my mindset and made me realize if I worked hard enough for something, I could achieve it.”

Jen and her ex met in 2011 while she was on “a weekend recluse,” eating takeout and was 200 pounds.

They had planned to get married after a couple of years but her partner eventually ended their relationship in 2015 as she had continued to become heavier. 

“When we broke up, I was devastated but it ended up being the best thing that’s happened to me,” she said.

She joined her first pageant in 2017 and was placed among the top 10 candidates.

Three years later, she ultimately snatched the title as the 75th Miss Great Britain.


“Although my body has changed so much I think don’t think my personality has, and I think that’s really helped me,” she said. “The judges were able to see what kind of person I really am.”

This could be her grandest revenge, but not so much for her ex, but for her old self.

Source: Sunny Skyz