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Fishtopher the Cat Transforms From Saddy To Baddie In MD After Adoption [Video]



  • A tabby cat’s photo and description on PetFinder spelled hundreds of interests from potential adopters.
  • A Baltimore couple traveled from Maryland to New Jersey to arrive an hour early to visit the cat.
  • The couple’s efforts paid off as they ended up with the cat and now Fishtopher is in their home in Baltimore.

For rescued animals, the right profile photo and description could mean greater chances of adoption.  Even on dating sites, those who have attractive profile photos and bios would mean more matches.  But for Fishtopher the cat, it was his shiny coat on his photo and couch potato disposition description that got would-be adopters hooked.

On PetFinder, New Jersey’s Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center posted a photo of Fishtopher the cute tabby. They also described him as “very sad and depressed and will only eat when he has company,” which drew sympathy from potential adopters.

Photo Credit: Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center

Interest was multiplied when @mollyaclarke featured screengrabs and tweeted, “I swear to god. If one of you doesn’t go get Fishtopher…” on Thanksgiving.

Such is social media’s influence that 170,000 people liked the tweet and prompted Laura Folts and her partner Tanner Callahan to make the 100-mile trip from Baltimore, Maryland, to Blackwood, New Jersey, to be at the adoption center an hour earlier than everyone else.

According to Homeward Bound, hundreds of animal lovers contacted them and expressed their interest in the chubby and tubby Fishtopher.

The eagerness of the Baltimore couple earned them the top spot among eight other potential adopters for Fishtopher.

Folts said, “Knowing he was popular, we drove up to Homeward Bound with some hopes, but knew if not Fishtopher, we wouldn’t come home empty paw’d as we saw a few other cats online that we were considering.  She added, “We arrived early enough to be the first ones, and he was adopted!”

Photo Credit: @mrfishtopher (Twitter)

The shelter is super happy that Fishtopher has been adopted but they are reminding potential adopters that there are still animals like Fishtopher who need homes. “We have hundreds of other kitties who are just as wonderful and are wishing that people would come and stand in line for them,” they added.

As for Fishtopher, his new parents have opened a dedicated Twitter account just for him so that people can be updated at what’s he’s been up to. His new bio now reads, “Saddy now baddie living in MD.”

 We wish you the best, Fishtopher!


Source: People