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Former Zoo-Performing Elephants Now in Comfortable Home Thanks to Rescuers [Video]



  • Two elephants who used to perform at a zoo have now been rescued.
  • Tang Mo and San Mueng were rescued from the Phuket Zoo after it closed due to the global pandemic.
  • They are now living their best lives in a lovely 250-acre jungle sanctuary, Elephant Nature Park reserve in Chiang Mai.

In celebration of the recent World Animal Day, we are delighted to share with you the news about the two elephant performers who lived in miserable conditions for the past decades have just been transferred to a new home, a new beginning.

While there are a lot of unfavorable things that happened during the pandemic, some are considered to be a blessing in disguise, such as the closure of Phuket Zoo due to lack of visitors amidst COVID-19.

Environmentalist groups and activists celebrated the success of finding the lovely 250-acre jungle sanctuary as a new home for the two sweet elephants headed by a Thailand-based non-profit Save Elephant Foundation.

The story of Tang Mo and San Muang, our rescue elephants.

The story of Tang Mo and San Muang. On August 11th, we moved Tang Mo to ENP. We had to leave San Muang behind at that time as we didn't have enough funds to rescue him. Thank you for your kindness to help us rescue this young boy and take him home. Now, we are going to pick up San Mueang and bring him to join with Tang Mo at ENP. This video show you the time of their parting after being together at the zoo for four years. San Mueang displayed such sadness and mourning when he saw Tang Mo leave him behind. It was such a heart broken moment. We are so grateful to all of you for helping us to rescue this beautiful life. We will keep you post his journey to reunite with Tang Mo soon. น้องแสนเมืองกำลังจะออกเดินทางมาอยู่บ้านใหม่แล้วนะคะ หลังจากที่มูลนิธิฯช่วยเหลือพังแตงโมออกมาก่อนหน้านั้นแล้ว นี่คือเรื่องราวของน้องช้างสองเชือกที่ทำงานอยู่ด้วยกันมานานและวันหนึ่งต้องพลัดพรากจากกัน พวกเขาจะได้พบกันอีกครั้ง และแสนเมืองกำลังจะเดินทางไปบ้านใหม่ค่ะ จะอัพเดทการเดินทางเมื่อตอนน้องแสนเมืองไปถึงมูลนิธิฯค่ะPosted by Elephant Nature Park on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

At first, the organization thought they would not be able to raise enough money for the rescue of both the older elephant Tang Mo and the younger one San Mueang. Tang Mo has been in the zoo since she was two years old while San Mueng was taken away from his mom when he was only three. 

But then, their plan to rescue both Tang Mo and San Mueng went viral on social media and soon enough, strangers from all over the world donated to fund the rescue.

Now, both elephants are living their best lives in the Elephant Nature Park reserve in Chiang Mai. They no longer have to perform or do any kind of labor to earn money for somebody else. They now live together happily and comfortably.

Photo Credit: Elephant Nature Park (Facebook)

“We believe in the healing, beautiful bond these two share and we can’t wait to see them enjoy the rest of their lives together as they remember what it feels like to be an elephant,” says Ry Emmerson, staff at the Elephant Nature Park.

This relocation news is surely the positive thing we most need to hear in the middle of this global health crisis. We hope that many more animals, especially those engaged in hard labor or meat farms, are going to be rescued as well.


Source: Good News Network