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Foster Family Helps Dog With Cancer Check Off Bucket List



  • Theo is a 12-year-old senior dog with testicular cancer.
  • But despite all the hardships, he stays happy, sweet, and loving.
  • That’s why his new foster family is giving him everything and helps him check off the items on his bucket list every day!

When the rescuers found Theo in Walmart’s parking lot, he was abandoned and has “large masses throughout his body.” He was later diagnosed with “testicular cancer that has metastasized to his prostate and his abdomen.”

On May 27,  Jenny Leech and her family from Illinois, decided to take the 12-year-old pup in as a fospice dog and they have since been helping him live the best in life.

In a series of photos and posts on Facebook, Jenny shows how Theo is ticking items off on his bucket list of to-do things!

“Despite everything he is sweet, happy, and loving with a huge zest for life,” Jenny said in a post. “His bucket list was created to give Theo a chance to experience amazing things and receive huge amounts of love.”

They don’t really know how long Theo would be around with them but they are making sure that everyday he experiences lots of love and makes memorable experiences. While he is on medication to lessen the pain he feels, Theo can’t really undergo major surgeries because of his age. 

Photo Credit: Jenny Leech

“At whatever point that we are seeing more pain, loss of appetite, less joy, or more bad days than good, we will be there to let Theo go,” Jenny said. “For now, we go day by day and try to make each day the best ever for him.”

So, what are the items that Theo has on his bucket list? 

A day at the beach, checked! 

Drive-thru burgers and steak dinner, checked! 


Drive-in movie bonding, checked! 

A blind date, checked!

Become a K9 honorary member, checked!

— and many more! Theo and his family are also open for suggestions from people of what else they could add to his bucket list!

Photo Credit: Jenny Leech

“People started offering bucket list ideas,” Jenny said. “Someone offered to take him on a boat ride, another took Theo for a ride in his Mustang convertible … it was just amazing.”

Every day, Theo and his family are checking off items and while that makes them happy, the pup’s story also gives hope and happiness to other people.

“He came for some purpose,” Jenny said. “I think people are looking for things and ways to feel good, and he’s giving people that chance.”

Source: PEOPLE