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Four Feet Tall Woman Is A Person Worthy To Be Looked Up To With Her Inspiring Life Story!



  • Michele Sullivan was born with dwarfism and she’s only 4 feet tall.
  • But she is a person worthy to be looked up to by many people because of her success.
  • She has written an inspiring book that tells the story of her life entitled: “Looking Up: How a Different Perspective Turns Obstacles into Advantages.”

We always have that one person we look up to in our lives. So does  Michele Sullivan, only that she looks up to everyone…literally and figuratively.

Michele is only 4 feet tall and she looks at this world from a quite unique view. There were always big challenges in her life but she has decided long before to love herself no matter what. She has made a covenant with herself to help others and prove that all people have worth.

Being born with metatropic dysplasia — a rare form of dwarfism — other people’s perspective and treatment of her is different. She admitted during an interview with the “Today” show that people feel uncomfortable and are hesitant to start a conversation with her, so she was always the first one to approach.

“It takes courage. That’s tough sometimes, even for me today,” she said. “Do I want to walk up and start talking? Most of the time it works. For the few times it doesn’t, you just say, ‘That’s OK,’ and you move on. Nine times out of 10, people are very respectful.”

Photo Credit: Michelle L. Sullivan

With this personality and attitude, she became successful in her 30-year business career and she was the ever first female to become president of the Caterpillar Foundation!!

She was able to travel around the world doing philanthropic works and making sure that their mission “to alleviate poverty and place people on the path to prosperity” is bearing fruit.

Photo Credit: Michelle L. Sullivan

Michele also wrote a book about her life’s struggles and successes entitled: “Looking Up: How a Different Perspective Turns Obstacles into Advantages.”

“Being 4 feet tall, I literally look up to everyone through the day,” she said. “But it’s much more than that. It actually taught me to figuratively look up to everyone because we all have value. When you let go of preconceived notions, it just opens up your world so much more.”

She definitely is that person we should all look up to!

Source: Inspire More