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Funny Neighbor Puts Up a “Front Lawn Dad Joke” for Every Day of Quarantine



  • Reddit user JulesGirth noticed his neighbor had been putting up a daily sign showing a different dad joke for every day of the quarantine.
  • He simply had to share it, and his post became viral!
  • Redditors clamored for more, so Jules shared more pictures and the funny neighbor kindly shared the jokes for the previous days, too!

Dad jokes may be corny, but they are the best. Especially when the whole world needs just a bit of humor.

So when one man noticed his neighbor putting up a daily sign showing a different dad joke for every day of the quarantine, he simply had to share it.

Photo Credit: JulesGirth/Reddit

Reddit user JulesGirth, who was from Claremont, California, noticed the funny front lawn signs ever since the state started a mandatory lockdown on March 19.

He was so amused by the daily dad jokes that he decided to share it with the online world. So he took a picture of the sign for “Day 18” of the quarantine and shared it on Reddit.

“My neighbor has been posting a daily dad joke since the lockdown started in LA,” his caption read.

Photo Credit: JulesGirth/Reddit

His post became viral within the day! Redditors started asking him to post the next days’ dad jokes, as well as the previous days’.

So he shared two days’ worth of signs two days later:

Photo Credit: JulesGirth/Reddit
Photo Credit: JulesGirth/Reddit

One grateful commenter wrote, “I read these to my husband every day, and he groans as I rofl.

But then he almost always chuckles, because they ARE funny. Have you let your neighbor know he has a huge following here on reddit? Maybe leave a note for him by his sign. Please let him know we think his signs are great!!!”

Photo Credit: JulesGirth/Reddit

Jules replied that he wasn’t acquainted yet with this neighbor, but added that he would introduce himself (from a safe distance) the next time he saw the neighbor outdoors.

He made sure to update everyone when he did meet the funny neighbor: “Good news everyone, I just met my neighbor. Super cool guy! He sent me a few more that he had from previous days which I will post now.”

Photo Credit: JulesGirth/Reddit

Jules shared that the neighbor is now considering creating his own Reddit account to share more of his humor with the world.

Photo Credit: JulesGirth/Reddit

Regarding the internet fame, Jules shared, “I have let him know and he is getting a kick out of it.”

Photo Credit: JulesGirth/Reddit

Dad jokes have always been a hit online, so we’re not surprised that these became so famous.

According to Jules, the funny neighbor had been doing it to amuse himself and his neighbors during a difficult time. That’s so sweet!

It seemed like such a simple, random act of humor, but it lifted the neighborhood’s spirits. And now the rest of the world got to share in the laughter thanks to Jules.

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