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German Shepherd Goes On A Motorcycle Road Trip With Mom While Raising Money For Charity



  • Couple Jess and Greg love traveling and going on adventures on their motorcycles.
  • While in Guatemala, Jess rescued a German Shepherd who she named Moxie and decided to bring the dog with them on their travels.
  • As they travel, they also raise funds for a charity to empower girls worldwide through their program, GoRUFFLY Around the World.

When Jess Stone of Canada was in Guatemala, she found her now best friend Moxie, in a litter of puppies.  And since she and her husband Greg prefer having adventures around the world in their motorcycles, she thought why not include Moxie in their travels.

Their company “Ruffly” designed and manufactured a motorcycle dog carrier, especially for Moxie, called the K9 Moto Cockpit.

And within just one weekend, Moxie learned how to ride. And so, the now 75-pound German Shepherd sits directly behind his mom on an epic adventure with his dad following behind them. Jess plans on traveling through 90 countries throughout North, South, and Central America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Wherever they go, people are drawn to the travelers.

Photo Credit: @goruffly/Instagram

While Jess is happy to see how Moxie takes the new smells, sounds and sights, the travels have also opened her eyes to make the travels an opportunity to raise funds for charity.  She partnered with the global non-profit Girl Up and is hoping to raise $100,000.

The fundraiser called GoRUFFLY Around the World will go to the program’s worldwide efforts for girls to develop leadership skills.

It is traveling with a purpose.  As Jess and Moxie enjoy the amazing locations and spotting wildlife along the way, they are also loving the attention that other humans have been giving them. As Jess said, every stopover becomes a “selfie palooza.”


Jess adds that she loves how Moxie brings smiles to everyone’s faces and makes everybody have a good day.

Way to go, Jess, Moxie and Greg.

Source: Inspire More