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[WATCH] Giggly Girl’s Adorable Dance in Assisted Living



Quick Smiles:

  • Little girl Josie dances with a woman suffering from dementia.
  • Josie’s school works directly with an assisted living facility and memory care facility.
  • The program helps kids learn compassion and understand illness while spending time with older generations.

Elizabeth Schmidt recently shared an absolutely delightful video of her daughter, Josie, dancing with a woman suffering from dementia. The happiness Josie brings to the woman is almost palpable.

Josie attends a school that collaborates with an assisted living facility and memory care facility. As Elizabeth posted on Instagram, the children visit the “grandmas and grandpas” daily for some intergenerational learning and playtime.

This fantastic idea allows children to learn about compassion and understanding of illnesses while also spending valuable one-on-one time with older generations. The kids provide warmth, happiness, and innocence that serves as a therapeutic escape for those in fragile circumstances.

In the video, Elizabeth captures a glimpse of a day in the program. The children and adults gather to listen to music. Josie is having a fantastic time as she dances and giggles with a woman who adores her. The woman dances along with a radiant smile until she doubles over in laughter.

Elizabeth shared her appreciation for the program, saying, “It has been such a gift to watch her bring joy and laughter to the residents and to watch her spirit blossom through getting to know them.” She added that Josie has an incredibly special bond with her “grandmas and grandpas” upstairs and expressed her pride in her daughter’s sweet, silly, and wonderful personality.


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