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Golden Retriever Is The Cutest Distraction During A Weather Broadcast And Viewers Want More Of The Dog Instead! [Video]



  • Working from home could be truly a struggle to some people especially if they have cute distractions.
  • Paul Dellegatto, chief meteorologist for FOX13, can certainly relate to that because his adorable furry golden retriever, Brody, loves to be on his broadcast too.
  • Soon enough, people are loving how Brody is interrupting his dad’s reports and they have kept on asking for more of him.

Working from home has proved to be quite a struggle to some people. Paul Dellegatto can attest to that. 

Paul works for FOX13 in Tampa, Florida as the chief meteorologist. After the novel coronavirus hit the country, he started to work remotely from home just like the majority. But he never expected his furry companion would steal his show and the hearts of his viewers. 

His adorable golden retriever named Brody, managed to sneak into one of his live shots and has since been doing that every time.

But how can you be upset with a very cute pup? Neither among Paul’s co-workers can complain about Brody’s interruptions even when nibbles on the microphone cord, or gets in front of the camera.

“Chewing on the microphone is not good,” Paul told him once but Brody must’ve not gotten the message clearly.

Photo Credit: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay (Youtube)

Another time, instead of Paul, Brody popped up while his co-anchors were patiently waiting for his update.

“We don’t need that forecast map, we’ll just look at Brody,” anchor Linda Hurtado commented with a smile.

Soon enough, the viewers are loving this special airtime with Brody and many of them are starting to request more of the adorable dog. 

Photo Credit: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay (Youtube)

Animals always have that special way of brightening our day with their cuteness, charm, and innocence. We too, don’t mind watching Brody taking over the reports and we believe he should stay in the program or have his own time slot because he makes us happy. 

Source: Inspire More