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Good Samaritan Helps Reunite Lost Baby Monkey with Her Worried Mom [Video]



  • When a Good Samaritan chanced upon a lost baby monkey struggling helplessly on the ground, he knew he had to help.
  • The mom was silently watching atop a nearby tree, wary to approach the crowd forming around her baby.
  • So the kind man took it upon himself to make sure the baby would be safely reunited with her parent.

A helplessly lost baby monkey was struggling to be reunited with his mom when, thankfully, a Good Samaritan passed by and offered his help.

Igor Venâncio, from Brazil, was taking a stroll near his home when he saw a crowd of children forming around something on the street.

Taking a closer look, he saw a tiny baby marmoset, a monkey native to their region, helplessly struggling on the ground.


When he looked around, he spotted the baby’s mom silently watching on a branch of a nearby tree.

Photo Credit: WIKIMEDIA

He noticed that the mom looked wary to retrieve her baby, however. It seemed that she was hesitant to approach the crowd that has formed around her baby.

So, Igor asked the kids to give her space. But after seeing that she was still hesitant to leave the safety of the tree, he decided to help out.

Igor told The Dodo, “Acting on instinct, I took the baby to her parent. A car or a cat could have passed by, and maybe it wouldn’t have been a happy ending.”

And so, he took it upon himself to make sure the baby would be safely reunited with her parent.

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As they were brought back together, the pair filled the air with tiny, happy squeaks, before retreating once again to the safety of the treetop.

Igor could have simply minded his own business and went on his way. But he was happy to help, and the grateful look from the mom was more than enough reward for him.


He shared, “I felt gratitude in her eyes. It made me feel connected to nature.”

Source: The Dodo