Goose’s Girlfriend Kept Watch Over His Hospital Surgery

Goose's Mate Kept Watch Over his Hospital Surgery

  • When the staff of a wildlife center spotted a goose hobbling around, they decided to take him to their clinic and treat his foot.
  • As they were getting ready to do surgery on his fractured foot, someone tapped on the door: the goose’s girlfriend!
  • His mate kept watch through the whole procedure, and would most likely continue to check up on him until he fully recovers.

Arnold, a wild goose, had been hobbling around due to an injured foot. Thankfully, he was spotted by the staff members of the Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts.

So, they took him to their wildlife hospital to treat his injury.

Upon further examination, the staff found that Arnold had fractured his foot and would need surgery.

Photo Credit: Cape Wildlife Center

It turns out that Arnold’s absence from the pond had someone else worried.

As the clinic staff prepped Arnold for surgery and were about to sedate him, they “heard a faint tapping at the clinic door.”

“We turned to see that his mate had waddled up onto the porch and was attempting to break into our clinic! She had somehow located him,” the clinic staff wrote.

Photo Credit: Cape Wildlife Center

Arnold had a girlfriend! His lifelong mate, who has been with him for years, came to check on him.

The clinic staff wrote, “She remained there throughout the entire procedure, watching us work, never moving from the doorway.”

After Arnold’s successful surgery, the staff placed him nearer to the door and opened it, so that the goose couple could be nearer to each other.

Photo Credit: Cape Wildlife Center

“They both seemed much more at ease in each other’s presence,” they wrote.

It would take a few weeks at the clinic for Arnold to fully recover, but he can surely count on his girlfriend to be there for him.

Photo Credit: Cape Wildlife Center

The staff wrote, “We will do our best to get him back out quickly and will perform bandage changes and treatments in view of the doorway when possible so that his mate can check up on him.”

This goose couple really showed what the vow “through sickness and health” means!


Source: The Dodo

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