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Gordon Ramsay Surprises School Cafeteria Manager Who Asked For Substitute Chef For The Day



  • A school cafeteria manager was listening to Gordon Ramsay talk about his new TV show on BBC Radio 2.
  • She then called the radio show to ask Gordon to help her prepare meals for 300 students later that day.
  • She told the talk show host that the cafeteria was short-handed because some of the staff were sick. 

A school cafeteria manager came onto a BBC Radio 2 talk show, asking for assistance with her kitchen, and what happened next astonished everyone.

Tina Clarke was listening to famed chef Gordon Ramsay discuss his new TV show, Future Food Stars.

Tina revealed to Vernon Kay, the show’s host, that she was “cooking on her own” at Edward Peake Middle School. One of her cooks was absent due to illness, and the replacement staff member was unable to work due to a COVID positive test.

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Tina then jokingly asked Ramsay to come to help her cook school dinners for 300 students later that day.

 “I’m cooking here on my own, I work in a school kitchen and my chef has gone off sick and I have another one off with covid, and I just wondered if Gordon would help me today and give me a hand?” Tina told the radio show.

Ramsay had to reject, but he sent Rob Roy Cameron, one of his chefs, to Bedfordshire to help.

Tina was concerned about the reaction of the school administration.

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Miss Linington, the headteacher, welcomed Rob Roy inside the kitchen, which “sent a huge buzz around the school”.

According to BBC News, he was immediately set to work preparing cauliflower cheese for the Church of England school, which educates students in Years 5 to 8.

Tina said ‘his food tasted “amazing” even though he was not allowed to use salt—to his shock.’

Source: Good News Network