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Guy Says He Doesn’t Like His Girlfriend’s Dog But Then Spends Whole Weekend To Create The Best Yard For Him



  • KaTarra Taylor adopted her “trouble” dog, Bentley, when he was four years old.
  • The dog was full of behavior issues because of his anxiety but her mom worked hard to treat him.
  • Although KaTarra’s boyfriend, Nick, says he doesn’t like Bentley, his actions tell her that he actually cares for him.

It could be really challenging for a parent to take care of a pet with behavioral issues. But if you have someone who supports you all the way, things can be a lot easier!

KaTarra Taylor from Colorado Springs, Colorado, is ever grateful that her boyfriend Nick, loves her “trouble” dog, Bentley, just as much as she does. He may be vocal about not liking the pup but his actions prove otherwise.

Photo Credit: KaTarra Taylor

Bentley was 4 years old when KaTarra adopted him and since then, she takes care of him wholeheartedly despite the challenges. 

Eventually, the couple moved to their new place but the townhouse didn’t have a yard for Bentley, well at least that was initially the case.

Photo Credit: KaTarra Taylor

“The whole time [Bentley’s] been with me he’s never had his own yard…just the park and the grass on our walks,” KaTarra said. That’s why in May, Nick decided to give that to Bentley.

For a whole weekend, Nick worked for hours to tear out the concrete in one corner before adding soil and a bed of grass. 

Photo Credit: KaTarra Taylor

After getting through the trouble of making Bentley happy, KaTarra was convinced her boyfriend doesn’t hate her dog at all, rather, he cares for him a lot.

And Bentley obviously loves it! 

Source: Inspire More