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Hairless Sphynx Kitten Baffles Kids And Their Reactions Leave Internet In Stitches [Video]



  • A TikTok video of kids’ initial reactions to a hairless kitten has the viewers laughing.
  • It is the first time that the kids have seen a Sphynx cat and its appearance surprised them.
  • After the camera stopped recording for the first meeting, the girl held the cat and now loves the adorable kitty.

When a new Sphynx cat named Mew was introduced to the kids Amelia and Baron, they were unprepared for its appearance.  They were expecting a fluffy kitty but got a hairless one instead!

@mew_thenakedkitty When your mini humans aren’t excited to meet you 😿 #sphynxcat #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Mew ✨

And the clip shared to TikTok by user Lea Hoover (@mew_thenakedkitty) has viewers laughing out loud at their reactions.  The kids ran away from the hairless cat as it went to them from the bathroom where they were told there was a surprise!

The kids could hear his meows from the bathroom but when it ran out to greet them, Amelia yelled, “Ew, ew, oh my God, what is that?” Get that thing away from me.” While 7-year-old Baron confusedly asked, “Will it get hair?”

Their dad Ben scoops the cat and Amelia shouts “whose cat is that?”

Photo Credit: @mew_thenakedkitty (TIkTok)

Hoover replies, “It’s ours.”  That is when Amelia asks if it was her birthday present.  Dad then tries to pass the kitty towards her but she recoils.

When she recovered from the surprise and the camera stopped filming, Amelia was already holding Mew.

“They absolutely love him now,” Hoover said. “He has a great personality and is always on your lap or wanting to play so they have a great time.”

Photo Credit: @mew_thenakedkitty (TIkTok)

Commenters said that Amelia’s reaction was “on point.” TikToker mya wrote, “I love hairless cats but this might be the funniest video ever.”

Sydney added, “‘Will it get hair’ is the funniest question he could’ve asked in that moment,” to which Rnoximo asked the kids to: “Say sorry to him right now.”

The couple has always wanted a Sphynx cat and Ben’s sister found a listing for Mew and that’s how they got the cat. 

Photo Credit: @mew_thenakedkitty (TIkTok)

The clip has garnered more than 9 million views since it was posted on December 1 and has over 1.2 million likes.

Historically, the first Sphynx cat was born in Canada in 1966 thus its original name of “Canadian Hairless”, according to ASPCA Pet Insurance. The first “hairless mutant male” was called Prune, said PetMD.

The Sphynx cat is named after the 240-foot-long statue of the Great Sphinx of Giza on the bank of the Nile River in Egypt, Africa.

The breed is known to be talkative and social with an average weight of six to 12 pounds and lifespan of from 8 and 14 years.  Some have “fine peach fuzz,” according to Purina, and have loose skin that is prone to wrinkles.


They are not hypoallergenic as some others believe because the allergen Fel d1 protein is found in the skin and saliva, not the hair.

Source: Newsweek