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Halloween-Loving Man Created a Robot to Continue Trick-Or-treating! [Video]



  • Luke Keyes is just one of the many people who refuse to cancel Halloween amid the current health situation. 
  • So, he invented a robot and a cannon that delivers and shoots candies for kids during his favorite holiday of the year. 
  • YouTube content creators called Wicked Makers also built a creepy candy slide so they could continue giving kids some treats!

As Halloween draws near, many people from across the country have decided to halt the celebration — but others have thought of creative ways to still push through with the event.

Luke Keyes is one of those people who still want to continue trick-or-treating despite the challenges and restrictions brought about by the current health crisis.

That is why he got creative and extra techy with his inventions in order to carry on the long-time tradition of candy-giving –making both kids and adults merry. 

The resident from Austin, Texas, is reported to have built a number of devices to help commemorate the holiday in the middle of a pandemic. For one, he created a robot that delivers candies to kids!

“Right now we probably don’t want humans to hand-deliver candy, so why don’t we use a robot for it?” Luke told news outlet KVUE.

It was actually made years ago for a different purpose but is now very fitting for the situation. 

Another one he built was a cannon that shoots candies at a distance of six feet, consistent with the required social distancing protocol.

“I love trick-or-treating,” Luke said. “To me, I like trick-or-treating a little more than Christmas because at Christmas you give gifts to your friends and family; Halloween, you give gifts to everybody.”

Photo Credit: KVUE

But he is not the only one who refuses to cancel trick-or-treat because of COVID-19.

YouTube content creators Wicked Makers have also built a creepily designed candy slide which is 6 feet in length. In the slide, one can drop candy while the other catches it from the other end.


This spooky trick-or-treat device is made of PVC pipe, cheesecloth, skeleton decorations, and others perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Source: New York Post