Watch the moment a hero motorist saves woman from kidnapping [Video]

  • Zayra was on her way home from work when a man grabbed her and dragged her away into the dark.
  • Thankfully, a vehicle passed by and stopped, scaring away the man who was later identified and arrested.
  • Zayra has since reunited with her savior, Ariel, who called 911 to report the incident.

Zayra Mendoza thought her life was about to end when a man suddenly grabbed her on her way home from work. As she was being dragged away into the dark, a hero appeared in the form of approaching headlights.

Ariel Naylor was driving home from work when she witnessed the struggle. So, she didn’t think twice and slammed on the brakes. Now, she is being hailed a hero for foiling a kidnapping attempt.

The frightening incident was captured by a surveillance camera near Boston.

Zayra, a young mother, realized a man was following her as she left her workplace. She tried to run but the man grabbed her and she couldn’t break away.

Thankfully, Ariel was driving by and saw a man dragging a woman towards a much darker area. β€œShe probably wouldn’t have been seen if she had made it another 15 feet,” she recounted.

hero motorist saves woman from kidnapping
Photo Credit: Inside Edition

Ariel gathered the courage to pull over. Fortunately, stopping her vehicle was enough to scare the attacker away. Zayra managed to get away and approached Ariel, who called 911.

Ariel told the emergency dispatcher, β€œI just saw some guy just try to abduct a girl. I’m on the side of the road where she’s got no shirt on. I don’t know where he went. He took off when I slammed on my brake.”

The suspect has since been identified as 23-year-old Tyler Healey. He was turned in by his own father, who recognized his brightly colored sneakers on the surveillance footage.

The attacker, who appeared at his arraignment on Wednesday, pleaded not guilty.

Ariel got to reunite with Zayra and meet her family, who are filled with gratitude that a complete stranger was there to save their loved one’s life.

hero motorist saves woman from kidnapping
Photo Credit: ABC 7

Zayra said that she thought she was going to die on that dark street. Ariel said, β€œThe fear in her eyes is something I will probably never forget.”

Thank you, Ariel, for having the courage to stop and foil the kidnapper’s plans.

Source: Inside Edition

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Amazing that Ariel is the name of an ANGEL in Christianity and Jewish literature. This ARIEL lived up to the meaning of her name. “LION OF GOD”.

Thank God she cared enough to help the victim!!