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Heroic Lakeside Rescue of Baby Raccoon Captivates Internet Users Worldwide [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A TikTok user known as Rhino7.3 shared a heartwarming video of a baby raccoon he rescued from a lake, which quickly went viral.
  • After the rescue, the baby raccoon was taken in by a friend of Rhino7.3 who is accustomed to caring for animals.
  • The video has captivated the internet, gaining over 4 million views and 427,200 likes on TikTok, with many users requesting updates on the little raccoon’s condition.

If your heart isn’t warmed by the sight of a furry critter getting a new lease on life, then you may need to check your pulse!

A touching video of a baby raccoon’s lakeside rescue has taken the internet by storm, captivating the hearts of millions.

The footage was shared on TikTok by a user known as Rhino7.3, who narrated his unexpected lakeside adventure.

Relaxing on his porch, he noticed a tiny creature swimming in circles in the lake. Upon closer inspection, he discovered it was a baby raccoon barely keeping afloat.

Recalling the distressing scene, Rhino7.3 explained, “He was struggling, he was just about to give out he couldn’t see where he was going, so we get him in the boat, and you can tell how weak he was, he was struggling to stay above water.”


After the rescue, the little critter spent two nights beneath Rhino7.3’s dock, apparently waiting for his mother.

The heartwrenching sight prompted Rhino7.3 to find help for the raccoon.

“So, I talked to one of my friends that takes in animals, and they decided that they were up for the challenge, to take him in and try to raise him up, so I let them come and get him,” he shared in the video.

Raccoons, according to Web MD, are intelligent creatures with excellent problem-solving skills and memories.

However, removing them from the wild can be problematic and even illegal in certain states.

While this rescue was undoubtedly necessary, it’s essential to respect the laws surrounding wildlife.


The video has received immense online love, with over 4 million views and 427,200 likes on TikTok.

The comment section was flooded with reactions. Anicolette1987 excitedly commented, “Bro we’re gonna need a part 2 update on Rocky the raccoon.”

In response to the raccoon’s heart-tugging shivers, CondimentSlut added, “Hims wittle shivers and hands.”

Indeed, this story reminds us of the wonder and kindness that can be found in unexpected places, proving once again that every life, no matter how small, is worth saving.