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High School Cancels Prom, But This Teen Holds His Own And Takes His Dog



  • High schools in the country canceled prom this year.
  • This teenager wanted to do something after his school cancels prom, so he decided to host his own party.
  • He wanted something memorable to mark the occasion and decided to take his sweet dog as his date — gown, crown, the works!.

Josh Robert almost had to go through life without prom. Unfortunately, his high school scrapped prom arrangements this year, following safety guidelines implemented to keep their students safe.

He refused to let the day pass as if it were a normal day. Obviously, he wanted to do something more. Josh came up with something to do, something to mark the occasion with all the fuss that comes with it too. He already knows who he would bring.

The Dodo | Josh Roberts

“She’s my everything,” Josh said. “We’ve had her since she was a little puppy and now she’s 10. It wouldn’t have been the same if she wasn’t included.”

The Dodo | Josh Roberts

It was an easy decision on his part. It had to be his dog, Reba. “Josh is her boy. Reba sleeps on his bed next to him every night,” his sister said.

His sister helped him to prepare for this affair. She even repurposed one of her old dresses for the dog to wear. Reba dressed up for occasion since prom would be incomplete without a photo shoot. This is where his aunt comes in.

The Dodo | Josh Roberts

Josh’s aunt, Tommie, is a photographer. She learned about his plans, so she volunteered to take pictures of their special day. Besides, this is an opportunity to work with the dog who she thinks is an ideal model. “She has always been a little diva,” she said.

The Dodo | Josh Roberts

“She really loves attention and her being in a dress made her really happy,” Josh added.

It is probably worth mentioning that for the past six months, he is dating somebody else. She attended this prom, but more as a third wheel. Reba might not be the only girl in his life, but there is no doubt that she is as important to him.

The Dodo | Josh Roberts

“She was OK with it,” Josh said. “Sesi loves Reba, even though Reba may not think the same way.”

Josh said that the dog gets a little jealous whenever his girlfriend is around. This had always been the case, but for that day, the dog had no objections to letting her join in some of the pictures.

The prom had to end sometime, but before not before crowning the queen for that evening. Sure, his girlfriend is one of the two in the running, but the choice was easy.

The Dodo | Josh Roberts

“Reba did get the title of prom queen,” Josh said. “She wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Source: The Dodo