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Hilarious Golden Retriever Uses Neighbor’s Pool, Then Refuses To Go Home!



Quick Smiles:

  • Zeppole, the golden retriever, wins the internet with his viral splash next door. The hilarious video sees him diving into the neighbors’ pool to escape the summer heat.
  • This one-year-old furball, apart from his adventurous spirit, has an amusing list of likes that keeps his owner, Erin, entertained and on her toes.
  • Golden retrievers have a historic love for water, with Zeppole showing us just how deep that love runs!

Zeppole, a golden retriever with a penchant for mischief and an affinity for water, has taken the internet by storm!

As summer temperatures soar, what’s a dog to do other than take a dip in the coolest pool around?

For Zeppole, that meant making an unplanned splash next door!

The Great Escape!

The video, posted by Zeppole’s owner under the username Errieting on TikTok, showcases the young pup’s spontaneous dive into the neighbors’ pool. As he gleefully enjoys his swim, Erin, his owner, can be seen trying to coax him out, with little success.

The caption hilariously reads: “escaping into the neighbors’ pool.”


It seems our friend Zeppole just can’t resist the allure of the cool waters, especially on a scorching day.

A Golden Personality!

“He’s been keeping us on our toes,” Erin gleefully shared with Newsweek.

She painted a vivid picture of a dog who loves: waking his owner up at the crack of dawn, taking unauthorized items for a spin (looking at you, AirPods and hangers), and adoring everyone, especially the local emergency services heroes.

But if there’s one thing this story has made clear, it’s Zeppole’s undying love for water.

Erin humorously adds, “All he needs to do is ask permission,” hinting at her little furball’s independent spirit.


Why Goldens Love a Good Splash!

Golden retrievers aren’t just mischief-makers – they’re historically aquatic enthusiasts!

Their water-loving gene dates back to 1868 when they were bred specifically for their water prowess.

With an outer coat that repels water and an undercoat to keep them cozy, it’s no wonder they’re the Michael Phelpses of the canine world!

Pet Keen notes how these dogs will never miss an opportunity for a splash, whether in a backyard kiddie pool or even during bath time.

The video has garnered massive attention, accumulating over 22.6 million views.


Comments have flooded in, with users tickled by Zeppole’s antics.

Tiffany Smith wrote, “I lost it when he started splashing.”

While Ratmomma humorously observed, “At this point, you and your neighbors share custody of the dog lol.”

Amy_Blizz850’s suggestion? “Mmmk. He needs a GoFundMe for his own pool.”

Well, if anyone starts that campaign, sign us up for a donation!

Note: Dive safely and always ask for permission – even if you have four paws and a wagging tail! 🐾🌊😉