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Hospital Janitor Worked Hard To Become Nurse Practitioner [Video]



  • Jaines started working at Baystate Medical Center cleaning operating rooms.
  • But she had a bigger dream and she worked hard to achieve that.
  • Now, she is a nurse practitioner and one of the heads among the nurses.

A woman from Massachusetts is reaping the fruit of her hard work and perseverance now that she has become a nurse practitioner from being a custodian at the local hospital.

Jaines Andrades joined Baystate Medical Center ten years ago as a support staff where she works as a janitor cleaning up operating rooms, according to local outlet WGGB

But Jaines had bigger dreams, so she worked hard endlessly to achieve that. Now, she is a certified nurse and one of the leaders among them as a trauma surgery practitioner. 

Photo Credit: Baystate Health

“At one point, I dreamed of the position I have today,” Jaines told WGGB as she recalled her amazing journey to achieving her dream since she was only 19 years old.

Jaines earned her nursing degree in 2014 — four years after she started working as a custodian at Baystate. Even then, for a short period of time, she still continued working as part of the environmental services until she got an opportunity to work as a nurse. 

“I stayed, actually, in environmental, despite being a nurse because I didn’t immediately get a nursing job at Baystate, so I wanted to keep my foot in the door,” she explained.

Photo Credit: Baystate Health

She eventually went back to study and become a nurse practitioner (NP). After that, she was offered a job at Baystate again, only this time, at something where she could apply the title she earned.

“Once I start something, I have to see it through, so if I’m going to be a custodian and then be a nurse, it only makes sense to be a nurse practitioner there,” she told the outlet.

Jaines made a post on Facebook looking back at how far she’s gone and the journey she’s been through. It was a photo of her three badges at work, each of them with different titles, telling different stories of sweet success.

Photo Credit: Jaines Andrades

“10 years of work but it was worth it! I’m a provider at the same place I use to clean,” she said in the caption of her post that has gone viral!

She is thankful that her experiences have kept her humble and grounded.  “Your academic success or your professional success, obviously, it deserves praise and you should be proud of that, but it doesn’t make you a better person,” she said. “As a human being, I’m still that girl who used to clean.”

Source: PEOPLE