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Houston Heroine Braves Storm Drains for Three Days to Save Abandoned Puppies [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Local animal hero, Callie Clemons, spent an entire weekend navigating through Houston’s storm drains to rescue three abandoned puppies.
  • Armed with blueprints provided by the city, Clemons and her team managed to save two puppies by Friday and continued their search into the night for the third.
  • Despite the challenging conditions, Clemons remained unwavering in her mission, showcasing the extraordinary efforts of local animal rescuers.

Devoting her entire weekend to the grueling Houston heat and the daunting depths of the city’s storm drains, local animal lover Callie Clemons undertook a mission to rescue three stray puppies reported to be trapped underground.

Clemons, known for her marital ties to Yankee baseball legend Roger Clemons, sprung into action following an urgent call from a local resident on Wednesday.

The caller alerted her to the plight of three labrador-terrier puppies, abandoned and helplessly trapped in the storm drains of the Spring Branch neighborhood, an area sadly notorious for “puppy dumping.”

Accompanied by a group of devoted volunteers and her trusty canine companion, Gizelle, Clemons managed to locate and save two of the puppies by Friday.

Unyieldingly, she continued her search well into Saturday night, vowing not to rest until the last puppy was safe.


Throughout her seven-year journey as a rescuer, Clemons has maintained an impressive record of never losing an animal under her watch.

She shared her determination with Britain’s Daily Mail, remarking, “There’s no way the puppy can get out by itself so it’s up to us and I have no shame to go down and get it.”

Although Clemons expressed some disappointment at the limited assistance from city animal control and overwhelmed organizations such as ASCPA, she was grateful for the city’s provision of sewer blueprints.

These maps guided her through the labyrinth of the city’s underground, teeming with cockroaches and filled with dirty water.

For Clemons, the mission is personal.

She admitted to her mother that she may adopt the last rescued puppy, expressing just how much she’s emotionally invested in this rescue.


In her conversation with the New York Post, she revealed the arduousness of her endeavor, having spent up to eight hours each night crawling in the cramped and inhospitable storm drains.

Clemons’s story highlights the unwavering commitment and tireless efforts of local animal heroes who brave the odds to bring about heartwarming tales of rescue and resilience.