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How a Mail Carrier Became a Dog’s Best Friend [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Fronky, a 180-pound mastiff, shares an extraordinary bond with his local mail carrier, Shaun, eagerly waiting for her visit every day after breakfast. Their friendship, which began when Fronky was only seven weeks old, has blossomed into an inspiring story of interspecies companionship.
  • Shaun’s daily visits provide a highlight for both Fronky and herself, adding a spark of joy amidst her long, stressful work route. The duo enjoys their time together, whether it’s a quick treat and mail drop or a longer stay with ample pets and scratches for Fronky.
  • Fronky’s bond with Shaun has even inspired him to make friends with other delivery personnel and people who pass by his yard. Despite this, Shaun holds a special place in his heart, proving that their bond is not only mutual but also uniquely cherished.

Get ready to meet the heartwarming duo of Fronky, a lovable 180-pound mastiff, and his best friend, Shaun, a dedicated letter carrier.

These two share a bond that defies species lines and proves once again that a dog is indeed a man’s – or in this case, woman’s – best friend.

Every morning, after Fronky finishes his breakfast, he trots outside, tail wagging with anticipation for his favorite visitor.

“After breakfast, Fronky knows his best friend Shaun is going to be coming over to see him,” shares Eileen, Fronky’s human mom.

If Shaun takes too long to arrive with her mail truck, the gentle giant of a dog displays a bout of impatient enthusiasm.


“He’ll stand on the fence, waiting for Shaun, which can be a bit overwhelming for a newcomer. After all, he’s 180 pounds and doesn’t realize he’s twice as big as Shaun,” chuckles Eileen.

The extraordinary friendship between Fronky and Shaun dates back to when Fronky was a mere pup of 7 weeks.

“The two of them bonded right away, from day one,” Eileen recalls fondly. “They see each other pretty much every day unless Shaun is off.”


Indeed, Shaun’s daily visit is the highlight of Fronky’s day.

Eileen even believes that Fronky is a highlight for Shaun too, providing a much-needed break during her long, stressful work route.

“I think just having this little break with Fronky helps her out and gives her something to look forward to.”

Whether it’s a quick treat and mail drop or a longer visit filled with scratches and pets on his head, Fronky adores every moment with Shaun.


As Eileen recounts, “Every time she leaves, she either says, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow,’ or, if she’s off, she says, ‘I won’t see you for a couple of days.’ She always lets him know.”

Inspired by Shaun, Fronky has expanded his circle of human friends to include others who pass by his yard, from UPS drivers to other USPS mailcarriers.

“He knows everyone on our block,” Eileen beams.

However, Shaun holds an unrivaled place in Fronky’s heart.

“Every day, Fronky has this great moment of happiness in his life to look forward to with Shaun,” Eileen shares, adding that he even waits by the fence for Shaun on Sundays, her day off.


The bond they share extends beyond simple friendship.

“Shaun sort of has become part of our family,” Eileen says. “I like that it’s a mutual love. I feel like she loves him as much as he loves her.”

In a world where good news is a welcome respite, the story of Fronky and Shaun, two best friends of different species, brings a delightful smile to our faces.

So, let’s take a leaf out of Fronky’s book and cherish the everyday joys of life – and friendship!