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Husband Developed Electric Off-Roading Wheelchair For Paralyzed Wife Who Loves Adventures



  • Cambry Nelson was paralyzed for years but despite her condition, she never stops going to places.
  • However she has always had sore shoulders using her regular wheelchair so her husband designed an electric off-roading wheelchair made of two bikes joined together.
  • They then realized it has more power, much less costly, and is truly useful, so they decided to sell it for a retail price of about $4,000.

Despite being paralyzed for years, Cambry Nelson refuses to let it hinder her from going into places as long as her wheelchair allows — although it causes her some shoulder pain. That is why her husband, Zack, invented a bike especially made for her.

The off-roading wheelchair is made of two electric bikes joined together with a seat in between and control handles. It has big thick tires which makes it easy for Cambry to move on rough ground and since it is powered electrically, she doesn’t get sore shoulders anymore.

After some modification to perfect the bike, they realized they have created something that is truly useful, has more power and is much less costly compared to other off-roading wheelchairs on the market. 

Photo Credit: Zack Nelson

So they decided to put it out for sale on the market and called it ‘Not A Wheelchair.’

It’s tires can handle all terrains that a bike can. It is also made to fit most doorways and the back of most cars. Depending on the battery chosen, it could last up to 35 miles and could go about 12 mph. There is also a spot on its back to put your backpack or in their case a regular wheelchair.

Photo Credit: Zack Nelson

Those who order it can also choose their favorite color and the best part is that it’s easy to tune up because the parts are made from bikes. The ‘Not A Wheelchair’ price is around $4,000.

“There are things I’ve never done before. Things I stopped thinking about doing because at one point I thought I couldn’t,” Cambry said on Instagram. “I like to think it’s just more proof that obstacles can always be overcome, sometimes it just takes a new perspective, a creative mind, and a lot of perseverance.”

Source: Inspire More