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Kind Police Officer Helps Kids Sell Lemonade [Video]



  • Jaelynn and his little brother were selling lemonade and other foodies in an outdoor stand when a police officer came by.
  • At first, they were afraid and their mom was worried that he would order to have the stand closed and drive them away.
  • But they were shocked when the officer offered help to sell their products and promised to double the earning!

Jaelynn Wilson, 12-year-old, and his little 4-year-old brother, sell popcorn, lemonade, and punch, in an outdoor stand in their South Bend community. But when a cop went over to them, he thought it was trouble — at least at first.

What the cop did next shocked him and his mom because he offered to help them sell the treats. “I’m out of words, I’m out of words. It’s crazy,” Jaelynn told NBC affiliate WNDU.

Tina Wilson, his mom, also admitted she was worried the moment she saw the South Bend Officer, Ron Glon, approached her sons and that maybe he would request them to close the stand they have been doing for quite some weeks now. 

Photo Credit: WNDU

“I thought, ‘Oh, we’re in trouble,’ ” she said.It surprised her very much when Ron expressed his desire to help.

“Me and Jaelynn are going to be waiting on people, collecting money, serving drinks, and I’m going to match 100 percent of what we take in, out of my pocket,” says the officer.

So he went on to help the kids sell popcorns and serve lemonades and punch to customers and then they got to know each other a little more. 

A regular customer praised Ron’s kindness and attested that “Ron Glon is a sweet person.”

Photo Credit: WNDU

For Jaelynn, it was an experience he will treasure forever. “It came to my heart and I thought of him [as] a family member because it really meant a lot for a police officer to help somebody who they don’t even know,” he said.” 

The boy also shared that he is looking forward to transforming his truck into a food stand. He wants to have his own Nissan GTR and become a player in the NBA. 

As for Ron, he is doing it because, amidst the criticisms toward police officers for treating Black community unfairly, there are those like him who are genuinely kind and honest and that people shouldn’t be afraid of.

Photo Credit: WNDU

“His mother is concerned about him not knowing whether or not to trust police officers or not,” he said. “My job is to tell him that he has nothing to worry about. Don’t be fearful, don’t be afraid of us.”

Source: PEOPLE.Com